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Last chance to stop the PMTA

Last chance to stop the PMTA

The FDA has announced the citizen petition submitted by a group of vaping manufacturers and trade associations to a public docket. The agency is now asking for public comment on the request for a 180-day suspension of the PMTA deadline.

The deadline is just a FEW DAYS AWAY. The chances of it being postponed are slim but it's worth trying to stop the PMTA, so please do read this article and share it with all your friends. We need as many people in this as we can reach!

It is within our power to stand up and defend our rights to access safe harm reduction products, that improved countless lives throughout the last years offering a second chance to a healthier lifestyle for millions of Americans.

Those small businesses need our help. There will be no additional opportunities to ask for a delay or to stop the PMTA process once Sept. 9 arrives. This is it.

To Submit Your Comment Manually:

  • Click here then click the blue “Comment” button on the top left of the page
  • Enter your comments in the “Comment” section
  • Under “What is your comment about?” use the dropdown menu to select “Individual Consumer”
  • Fill in your email and identity (optional)
  • Click the “Submit Comment” button at the bottom

Draft Comment Language You Can Use

Note: We STRONGLY encourage you to customize this so the FDA’s system does not flag it as spam.

I am writing in support of the Citizen’s Petition for Extension of Premarket Tobacco Product Application Filing Deadline from Keller and Heckman LLP (FDA-2020-P-1797-0001). It is vital that small manufacturers of open-system vapor products be afforded the necessary time and resources needed to submit acceptable premarket applications.

The FDA has already asked the court for a similar exemption for applications from certain combustible tobacco product manufacturers that are being delayed by COVID-19. It is logical that a similar accommodation is made for small manufacturers of demonstrably safer nicotine products. I rely on these products and the shops where they are sold in order to stay smoke-free. As the FDA has already acknowledged, sudden mass removal of these products will put me and millions of other people at risk of returning to smoking.

The comment will be entered in the official FDA docket. 

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