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The reality of next month.

If the USPS decide to ban vaping, we will have to go with another company but what that means for you is at least a $10-15 charge per package that you have to sign for if you are not already doing that.

The FDA can simply pick and choose which company to ban from next month. 

We are on borrowed time and so are you.  We are going to keep staying open until the final bell. We are survivors, just like all Freemans.

I suggest making great use of these deals, we don't know what comes next month in this endless attack on vaping and on your FREEDOM.

1. Hyppe Ultra Disposable Pod Device (600 puffs) Get 10 for only $2.39 each. W/Free shipping.  This is an automatic discount so put as many as you want and it will discount the total purchase. CLICK HER

2.Hyppe Max Disposable Pod Device (1500 PUFFS) 

Get 10 for only $59.95 W/Free shipping. This one has a COUPON = HYPEMAX CLICK HERE

3. BETTERYEAR is still on until the 3rd of next month. Get 50% off your entire order, including disposables. CLICK HERE

If you would like to pick and mix with the discounts, please make separate orders. As coupons do not stack for now.

Disposables are VERY HARD to come by, they sell out fast, they are hard to get and consider what stock we have to be the final bit of stock we will have for a while. 

The bans are close but we will do our best to stick around and FIGHT the good fight. 

We are not afraid but it's better to be safe than sorry.


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