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PACT law taxes included in the price. Vape mail ban postponed until September 9th! Stock up.
PACT law taxes included in the price. Vape mail ban postponed until September 9th! Stock up.

Jungle King (Limited collectors Edition)


Jungle has been one of the best sellers of all time. This is a more flavourful Powerful sweeter LIMITED edition of Jungle, based on 2 years of suggestions. It has become Paul Freeman’s new ADV

We consider it our piece de resistance a fancy word for a masterpiece.

All coupons and deals apply to this special edition.

Strawberry meets kiwi and banana in a sour blend with extra power.

Customer Reviews

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Why Aren't There 10 Stars?!

I found this company via a Reddit thread, after hearing about the vape mail ban. I was skeptical at first, but I put in a big order and crossed my fingers anyway (I was desperate for juice, oops). After receiving my order I have to say I'm definitely going to be a customer for as long as the gov't will allow. The order shipped QUICKLY, the customer service/interaction has been great, and the juices are DELICIOUS. The flavors are true to description, and Jungle King has been my absolute favorite so far (second is Blue Collar). I realize how much of an advertiser I sound by saying this, but Jungle King has actually replaced a long-running go-to juice that I have been using for years (I can no longer buy it) and I don't even miss it. Recommended it to a friend after receiving my order as well, and he loved it too.


Just got this in the mail today. Holt crap it is amazing! Delicious!! Will definitely be a adv favorite!! I’m ordering more now!

Very tasty

Love the mixture

Best juice around

Freeman vapes never disappoint and Jungle King is absolutely smooth and amazing

Love it

It's just like jungle but flavor more potent. It's so good

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