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Benjamen Lenderman
Blue Collar Reviewed

Most blueberry flavored vapes disappoint me. With that said, this is the truest blueberry candied flavor juice I’ve ever had in all my years vaping. It has a bit of a kick in the back of your throat. If you’re just coming off cigs, this juice is for you. Buy it. Enjoy it. Love it.

Rob Leviner

Blue collar

erica Smith


Love it!

I'm not usually a big fan raspberry juice, but this juice changed my mind! Fantastic!

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Hugo Bossallini
Like vaping a candy shop

Literally like vaping a tank filled with liquid blue raspberries and scoops of sugar. Perfect sweet tooth vape. It smells amazing out the bottle and tastes great! Mind your coils lifespan however with any super sweet juices. I first tried this on a Baby Beast coil last year and really liked it a lot but the coils didn't last beyond 5 refills which tbh is still pretty good considering that I had used that same coil with another Freeman flavor with similar flavor profile characteristics with two refills of that previous liquid.
Still, I enjoyed the flavor and decided to pick it up in 100ml but this time around I use it on my RDA. This juice is for you and right up your alley if you enjoy tart and very sweet candy juices. Kudos to Paul, Good stuff 👏🏽 👍🏽

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