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Geekvape Flint Review | Freeman Vape juice

Geekvape Flint Review

We have something here for the MTL vapers of the world. The Geekvape Flint review. The Flint is a 950 mAh tube style mod with an MTL tank that uses NS 1.6 ohm atomizer coils. The NS stands for nicotine salts. Yes, this mod is designed to get the most out of nic salt vape juice.

MTL vaping stands for mouth to lung. That means that the user draws the vapor into the mouth and then inhales. Contrast that with sub ohm and temp control vaping where the user inhales the vapor directly into the lungs, or DL vaping. Most of the innovations in vaping have been on the sub ohm side of the spectrum. It is indeed refreshing to see some innovation for MTL vapers. And especially for nic salt e-liquids.

What is salt nicotine vape juice? In a nutshell, nicotine salt vape juice is a type of e-liquid made for MTL vaping with atomizers above 1.0 ohms. Moreover, nic salt juice has a much higher nicotine level so there is more punch in less vapor. Salt nic is extracted from a different type of nicotine found in the tobacco leaf. It is considered a more stable form of nicotine. Vapers can inhale more nic salts without the harshness.

Not every electronic cigarette and atomizer is capable of vaporizing nicotine salts. The temperature needs to be higher. Fortunately, Geekvape has developed the Flint NS atomizer coils specifically to vaporize salt nic. As a result, we finally have a vape mod built for MTL vaping with nic salts.

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Geekvape Flint Review

geekvape flint review mtl vape mod designed for nicotine salt vape juice

At this point the Geekvape Flint review is a preview. We will cover some of the features and specs. As soon as we learn more about how it works and how it vapes, we will update this review.

The Flint mod is powered by an internal 950 mAh battery. For vaping a 1.6 ohm atomizer, 950 mAh should last a full day of vaping. There are no adjustment buttons, but by three clicks of the fire button the user can choose from three different power settings.

Moving on the the Geekvape Flint MTL vape tank, it is made of stainless steel, has a top fill design, adjustable bottom airflow, and an MTL drip tip. By the way, an MTL drip tip has a smaller bore than a sub ohm drip tip. The narrow bore is better for MTL style vaping.

A tube style mod is portable and easy to use. This style of device is easy to carry in a shirt pocket. We do recommend turning off a tube style mod before putting it in a pocket or purse in order to avoid accidentally activating the fire button. But there is a 10 second cut off as a safety feature.

Geekvape Flint Specs

Flint MOD

  • Dimensions: 22 mm diameter by 55.6 mm tall
  • Three voltage outputs: 3.2 V / 3.5 V / 3.8 V
  • Geekvape Flint built in battery is 950 mAh
  • Fast Charging at 5 Volts / 1 Amp
  • Low voltage warning
  • PCBA high-temperature prompt: 80℃ (ideal for salt nic)
  • 10 second cut-off safety feature
  • Max output voltage is 4.2 V
  • Flint Mod Standby current: ≤10μA
  • Atomizer Resistance range: 0.5-3.0 ohms
  • 510 thread

Flint Vape Tank

  • Dimensions are 22 mm diameter by 26.3 mm tall
  • 2 ml vape jucie capacity
  • Coils are NS Coil (NS for nic salt) 1.6 ohm rated for 6 Watts up to 9 Watts
  • 510 threaded

That is all we have for the Geekvape Flint review for now! MTL vapers are definitely looking forward to this one. And frankly, it is very nice to see Geekvape innovating some new technology for MTL vapers and specifically for nic salt vape juice.



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