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Raspberry isn't too tart at all. A perfect blend making a delicious cheesecake! Highly recommend!

Terri Arnold


Ryan Seagren
Solid all day flavor

Refreshing flavor that can easily be an all day vape. Been my favorite for a few years now, however i really wish there was more menthol/mint. It seems in recent orders the mint aspect has been reduced. But overall it’s been very good.

So amazing.. this new coffee line seems like a winner

I normally just stick with ruth's loot from here.. but I needed to write a review about this flavor. It's too good not to. Great caramel flavor, some coffee. The combo works perfectly while drinking an iced caramel cold brew. Flavor is spot on and an ADV for me!


A wonderful juice that tastes just like its' name! It is not a "menthol" flavor, but a delightful breath of refreshing Peppermint. I certainly hope it makes the cut and it becomes a "regular", because I love it. It even got me to write my first review here!

Enjoy the Novo Bar

Great feeling unit that is well built, have enjoyed all the flavors. Good at simulating a cigarette style inhale.


The most well balanced all day juice to vape! Absolutely love it. Highly recommend!


Amazing flavor with just the right amount of coconut. Almost like an almond joy. This has become my favorite juice. Very high quality! Freeman juices are amazing. Highly recommend!

Vanilla latte coffee
Jean Mussared
Vanilla latte

Vanilla latte is truly like a coffee you would get at Starbucks.

Vanilla latte coffee
Becky Bourque
Great flavor!

As usual, but the coffee is a little strong for me. I think with some 1885 added to boost the vanilla it will be perfect! Keep up the great work y’all!!

Respectfully, bussin'

Pretty insane how good this is, gonna do myself a favor and pair this with a bowl of dole pineapple soft serve. Cheers.

Great juice

Good stuff nicely balanced with the coffee and vanilla. I will absolutely recommend this juice!

Root Beer Smok nova bar

Great rootbeer soda shop flavor. Good price!

Vanilla latte coffee
Victoria Martin
Great Flavor

I messed up the Butterscotch review lol will try not to mess this one up. Delicious coffee flavor and vanilla is present but not overwhelming. Really love this one and will try the Mocha next! Thanks for new non fruity flavors lol!

butterscotch Candy

Butterscotch bliss
Becky Bourque

This is one of the best flavors I have had yet!! I tried it then ordered more!! It is in my adv rotation!

Root Beer Smok nova bar

Really good. Taste just like root beer!


I really like all freeman vapes so far. Tasty, and satisfies my nicotine cravings

Pod Candy Pink Lemonade 5%

Amazing juice!

As a brand-new customer, this was the first flavor I’ve tried. From now on, this will be the only place I purchase juice. Can’t wait to try the other flavors!

Make more like this

This is so smooth, not too sweet, and never tastes burnt.
It's always perplexed me that it is fruity flavors that seem to dominate the choices. I could never understand the connection between fruit & smoking. Haha

Straight Grape
Paula Wiggins

Purple grapes?

Straight Watermelon
Jason DiMeo

Flavor was good but I ordered 6ml and received 3ml

Caramel Coffee
David Roberts

In the years that I’ve gotten vape juice from y’all it’s mostly been Cococaine. I don’t go for too many flavors beyond that but you’ve done it with the Caramel Coffee! Reminds me of coffee milkshakes I used to get at the Dairy Queen!

Excellent service

Good cola and a great company. Best prices in the industry and they really do care about their customers’ satisfaction. Highly recommended.

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