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Straight Grape


This is a 50/50 straight Grape, you can not lose. Suggested by a customer of Freeman. 

Perfect for mixing or if you love Grape, you will love this.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jacob Eigsti
Straight grape.

It’s the perfect grape flavor I’ve been looking for.

Megan Dumm

This new flavor is honestly the best I’ve tried so far. It reminds me of those grape sour patch fruits. I love it!

Hmmmmm.... this flavor is not my fave.. (I don't normally go for fruit btw)

This wasn't my fave on first vape. I am not a fruit vape person. I LOVE Trailblazer and the new Coffee. This one was meh for me. It doesn't have that sweet tang that I was looking for. It is a true grape - it reminds me of a bite of a green grape. Kind of grassy and airy if that makes sense? Not intense at all for me. I am vaping on a Twister with a dual coil. The flavor may be different on a different vape. I gave it 5 because it says straight Grape and it is. I just would rather have a sweet, kool aid flavor.

Chris G

You can really taste and smell the grape. If you are into fruit flavors, this right here will most definitely be your favorite! I highly recommend it!


I have been looking (and looking and looking) for a good grape juice. I haven't found any that wowed me ... until this past Wednesday. Straight Grape is hands down the BEST grape I've ever tasted. The flavor is strong (30 years of smoking has done it's damage to my taste buds, I fear), it smells delicious, and I love it. Straight Grape and Strapple are all I've been vaping lately while the rest of my bottles sit lonely and neglected in their cabinet. Sorry, guys, but you don't compare to these two!! Thank you, Freeman Vape Juice, for these two amazing flavors (with Ruth's Loot coming in 3rd)!

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