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Best Tasting Vape Juice | Freeman Vape juice

Best Tasting Vape Juice

We are going to divulge the secret to making the best tasting vape juice. We all know of various marketing campaigns that claim the marvels of secret ingredients, proprietary blends, or old family recipes. Well, there may be some truth in some of those but none are the actual secret the the best tasting vape. The real secret is elbow grease. Hard work combined with patience with a generous proportion of trial and error. One must also be prepared to eat humble pie. Let me explain.

The hard work starts with the foundation of an operating procedure that does now allow for compromise when it comes to quality. Now, I love Freeman, I love talking about Freeman and I believe that our vape juice is the best. But I can take no credit for the best tasting vape juice. That honor belongs to the PhDs working in our advanced lab. Those people are the geniuses and uncompromising artisans doing the amazing work. It is my pleasure to tell their story.

Because Freeman operates out of an independent lab facility, we have the ability to engage in extended trial and error until we find the perfect vape juice recipe. To identify the best vape juice flavors, we rely on focus groups comprised of experienced, and fussy, vapers! This is where the humble pie comes in. We listen. The team in the lab will go back to the drawing board from time to time. There can be no compromise. No one ever says “good enough”.

I think you get the idea. Making the best tasting vape juice is a process. Very importantly, only the best ingredients can be used. Freeman indeed uses only the best vape juice ingredients sourced from the leading US suppliers. The end result is a better vape!

Authentic Vape Flavors

Authenticity is no easy feat! Nonetheless, to craft the best tasting vape juice authenticity must be the goal. We source the best flavoring from the top-rated US companies. Look, you can't just go on Amazon or eBay and order some flavoring. First of all, you don't really know where it comes from or who makes it. Second, you don't know the actual ingredients. It takes a professional chemist to understand flavoring. At Freeman, our lab team are not only avid vapers, they also happen to be chemistry PhDs.

An authentic flavor has to capture the essence of the targeted flavor. You know when a flavor is fake! An authentic flavor does not overwhelm, rather it is polite yet firm! By that I mean you notice it, it is distinguishable and tantalizing. But it is not a flood that overpowers all the senses.

Well, the best thing about authenticity is that it speaks for itself. Here I am trying to describe it! But you know it. We know you know it! And that is why at Freeman Vape Juice we go all out to keep it real.

Flavor Combinations

Authenticity is important. Most of all, the flavor has to accompany a satisfying vape which includes a full-bodies vapor. In our opinion, and based on experience as well as feedback from our focus groups, the best taste sensation is accomplished by competing flavors. What I mean by that is a mix of flavors in the vapor that contrast each other. We have found that contrast is the ultimate enhancement! A paradox.

Here’s what I mean. Take a flavor like banana. Banana can dominate other flavors in a recipe and it is a smooth flavor. Now, if you add a strawberry flavor to mix there is a sharp, sweet contrast to the banana flavor. Then if you add kiwi, there is another burst of tart piquancy. All of these flavors appeal to our taste buds in a different way. Combined together, they both distinguish each other and complement each other. It’s teamwork! And teamwork helps make the best tasting vape juice.

By the way, that banana, strawberry, and kiwi flavor that we mentioned, that's Jungle! Freeman Jungle vape juice is among the best tasting vape juices. Certainly the best fruit flavored vape. Check out Jungle fruit flavor vape juice here.

best tasting vape juice

Can’t Fake The Best Tasting Vape Juice

Many companies try to fake the best tasting vape juice. How do they do it? They cover up the lack of real flavor with a bunch of sweetener. It’s an age old tactic. Cover up a weak flavor by overwhelming the senses with sugar. That’s not about flavor or taste! That is called being lazy and taking a cheap shortcut. We started Freeman Vape Juice to be the company that never takes a shortcut. There are no fake flavors happening here.

The best tasting vape juice can’t just be about overwhelming with sweetener or overdoing the menthol. The best has to be authentic. And it can be done. It is not easy and it requires time and effort. There really is no such thing as a shortcut. Plus, when you fake the flavor with sweetener, other problems can result.

I can’t tell you how many times that I go into a vaping forum and see people complaining about how their coils only last a few days. It could be because the coils are bad. That’s the obvious reason. But it could also be because the vape juice that they are using is full of sweetener. That sweetener can gum up the coils very quickly. So that is yet another reason why too much sweetener is not a good thing.

Best Tasting Dessert Vape Juice

I just finished explaining how some e-liquid brands use excess sweetener to cover weak flavors. That is especially prevalent in dessert blends. The best dessert vape juices require authenticity and contrast, not a bunch of sugar. Of course a dessert needs to be sweet, but with a nice contrast and authentic flavor a good dessert vape is also a suitable all day vape.

Freeman has four fantastic dessert vapes that are all contenders for best tasting vape juice! Get yours in 120 ml vape juice bottles and save a ton of money. We are all about getting premium quality for cheap.

Our dessert vape flavors include Homecoming, which is a strawberry rice pudding flavor. Cococaine is a crunchy cookie and coconut treat. Imagine is a lemon tart flavor. And Freeman Fall Spirit vape juice is a caramel apple flavor. All of our juice is known far and wide for a full-bodied, rich, and plentiful vapor.

Check out the best tasting dessert vape juices here.


Milkshake Flavors?

Yep, milkshake vapes! It's not a dessert vape, rather milkshake vapes are flavorful, smooth and cool. Perfect for cloud chasing or all day vaping. Many people feel that the best tasting vape juice are Freeman's Milkshake flavors. That includes 1885 and Mint Chip.

Check out the milkshake flavors here.

1885 is a vanilla milkshake flavored juice and one of our most popular. The vaping experience is off the charts. The vanilla and cool creamy smoothness is terrific. Mint Chip is an extra cool shake with a minty kick.

These are some of the best examples of the top e-liquid flavors. Check out all of our flavors.


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