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Best Temperature To Vape E-Juice

The best temperature to vape e-juice is in the range of 390 F to 490 F. The sweet spot for many temp control vapers is 420 F. Most temperature control vape mods have the capability of 200 F to 600 F. However, at higher temperatures the vapor can be very hot. At lower temperatures the vapor and flavor can be a bit thin. But the 390 F to 490 F range is the best vape zone!

  • The best temperature for vaping e-liquid is in the 390 F range to 490 F range.
  • We find that right around 420 F is the sweet spot for flavor and vapor.
  • In Celsius, the best temp for vaping vape juice is 198 C to 255 C. With a sweet spot of 205 C to 215 C.

If using a vape mod with temp control values in Celsius, the best temperature for vaping e-liquid would be in the 198 C range up to 255 C. The ideal would be in the 205 C to 215 C temperature range. 

Now we know the best temperature to vape e-juice. That answers that question! We do have more detailed reasoning and a brief overview of TC vaping. If interested, read on! If you got what you came for, then make sure you don't go before checking out the best discount vape juice in America! Freeman Vape Juice is simply made better. And our 80/20 blend is absolutely idea for temp control and all types of sub ohm vaping.

Best Temperature To Vape E-Juice

Why are we saying that 390 F to 490 F is the best temperature to vape e-juice? Well, we find that above 500 F, the vape gets too warm and even hot. Hot vapor is not as enjoyable in our view. Conversely, below 390 F, the vapor production becomes thin and wispy. Also the flavor is not as pronounced at lower temps.

390 F to 420 F

In the 390 F to 420 F range, the vapor production is great as is the flavor. We find 420 to be the temperature at which vapor production, flavor, and vapor temperature are the sweet spot. Your sweet spot may be different. I prefer this range because the vapor is cooler than at higher temperatures.

425 F to 450 F

In the 425 F to 450 F range, the vapor production and flavor kick up a little and the vapor temperature is somewhat warmer. I would not call it warm, just warmer. If you like a warm vapor sensation this could be a good fit for you. The vapor output is increased but I do not think the flavor is as good as it is at 420.

450 F to 490 F

At this range, you get decent flavor and a lot of vapor! In addition, the vapor is noticeably warm. Once you get over 490 F, I find the vapor to be hot but once again, everything is subjective. Overall, there is a range of vaping experiences in the 390 F to 490 F range and all of them are enjoyable. So in your temp control vaping journey, I think you will find your best experiences in this range.

What Is Temp Control Vaping?

In a nutshell, temperature control vaping, or TC, is when the vape device controls the temperature of the vape coil. This differs from variable wattage in that instead of just sending x number of watts every time the user hits the fire button, with temp control the device sends only the power required to get the atomizer coil to the specified temperature.

The reason that some vapers like temperature control is the consistency. The vape is similar every time because the coil temperature is the same. Many vapers like it because TC vaping can get a bit more out of batteries and e-liquid because a more consistent coil is technically more efficient.

To be clear, temp control vaping is not ideal for cloud chasing. The most common type of vaping is variable wattage mode. But temp control is a terrific option to have and try out from time to time. For most of us here at Freeman, we all try a variety of vaping styles. Changing it up every now and then is part of the fun.

Vapor Devices For Temp Control

best temperature to vape e-juice

Not all vape mods or e-cig devices are capable of temperature control vaping. If looking for a vape mod that is capable of temp control, look for the TC designation. Also look at the device specs. 

Only certain types of coil wire are capable of temperature control vaping. 

  • Nickel wire - you will see this represented as Ni or Ni200.
  • Stainless Steel - stainless steel coils are designated SS. Sometimes, the type of steel will also be listed. You may see SS 316 or SS 304.
  • Titanium - listed as Ti

There are other types of coil wire that can be used for TC vaping but will not be listed as an option in the menu of vape mods. In these cases, the user can dial in the TCR, or temperature coefficient of resistance. Using TCR requires an elaborate knowledge of current and resistance. It is much easier to enjoy temp control vaping with pre-built coils.

Best Mods For Temp Control

There are so many excellent mods for temp control these days! Chip technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. The new Smok Species vape mod is a prime example of a company that has come a long way making better, and more consistent temp control devices. Vaporesso and Geekvape are also excellent.

It is widely held that the best mods for temp control are DNA mods. Devices like the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 250 C are extremely sophisticated when it comes to temp control. The DNA mods are more expensive than other devices, but the customization, efficiency, and accuracy are impressive.

I cannot definitively name a best mod or tank for temp control. The good news is that you have many options! The only caveat would be to make sure you get an authentic product. There are many cheap clones on the market. A clone looks like the real thing but the internal processor is likely a poor copy. That means that clones are not reliable in temp control. As a result, we would suggest that if you see a device being sold for a price that seems too good to be true, it might be a fake. Always get authentic devices.

Best Type Of Coil For Temperature Control Vaping

Nickel, Titanium, and stainless steel all do an excellent job of temperature controlled vaping. However, my favorite is stainless steel. Stainless Steel is the only type of coil wire that works in both TC mode and variable wattage mode.

Also, I like stainless steel because it is widely available in pre-built coils for a large number of popular vape tanks.

NOTE: You cannot temp control vape with Kanthal coils.

Vape Juice For Temp Control Vaping

vape juice for temp control should be 70 to 80 percent vg

Temp control vaping is done with atomizer less than 1.0 ohms of resistance. The type of vape juice ingredients used for vaping with atomizers less than 1.0 ohms are different than what is used for standard vaping. The best vape juice for temp control vaping are VG e-liquids. It is our view that the best VG/PG ratio is 80 VG and 20 PG.

Freeman Vape Juice is an 80 / 20 VG / PG blend that is in the ideal zone for temp control vaping. Knowing the best temperature to vape e-juice truly depends on using the right juice! Freeman combines awesome vapor production while maintaining excellent flavor.

Because our juice is impeccably blended to the highest standards, the consistency truly shines when vaping in temp control. The 410 F to 430 F temperature range is what we recommend to enjoy consistent, flavorful, and dense vapor.

That wraps up our look at the best temperature for vaping e-juice! This guide gives you a good starting point. From there, vapers can fine tune their temperature settings to dial on on the sweet spot.

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