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Best Vape Juice For Squonking | Freeman Vape juice

Best Vape Juice For Squonking

We are going to cut right to the chase. The best vape juice for squonking must deliver on vapor production without sacrificing flavor. A Max VG will not get it done. A 70% VG is fine for a standard vape tank, but the vapor production just does not do justice to your squonk builds. The sweet spot for squonking is the 80/20 ratio. We have a lot more to say about that but for a moment, let's talk about squonking.

Squonking refers to a type of vaping that is done with a squonk mod and a bottom feeding RDA. That clears that up! Ok, for real, we will define these terms:

  • Squonk Mod - a vape mod that that has a squeezable vape juice bottle in the body of the mod. When the vape juice bottle is squeezed, the liquid is forced up to the atomizer to saturate the wick.
  • Bottom Feeding RDA - a bottom feeding RDA is an RDA with a hollow 510 center pin that allows e-liquid to be pumped up into the base of the atomizer to soak the wick.
  • Squonking involves vaping with a squonk mod and an bottom feeding RDA. Usually, squonking is enjoyed by experienced vapers who like to build their own coils. Usually with an RDA the user has to manually drip e-liquid onto the coil. Squonking replaces that process by giving the juice bottle a squeeze to saturate the wick.

Note: Squonking may not be suitable to adult tobacco consumers new to vaping. For information, check out our section on vaping for beginners.

There is more to it but we just wanted to give you a quick overview. Our focus is to identify the best vape juice for squonking. Now, you know we are going to say Freeman vape Juice! You are correct but give us a minute to tell you why.

Best Vape Juice For Squonking

vg blends are the best vape juice for squonking

Freeman is the best vape juice for squonking! Once again, of course you knew we were going to say that! But listen, we really feel like our vape juice is the best for all types of sub ohm vaping and that includes squonking. Our 80 Vg and 20 VG blend is in the zone for ideal vapor and flavor. In fact, Freeman blends are especially known for delivering optimal flavor. Many of our customers tell us that our recipes deliver as much if not more flavor satisfaction than a 70/30 e-juice. They want to know how we do it. Of course, we aren't telling!

In all honesty, there is no real secret or forbidden formula! It all comes down to patience and hard work. We craft recipes over time and trial. That includes numerous focus groups to identify the best flavors and the best vaping. Suffice to say we do a lot of trial and error to hone in on the ideal blend.

Back to the best e-liquid for squonking. It all boils down to a three pronged strategy. The first two are flavor and vapor. Those are obvious. Sure, you want the big vape clouds. We all do! But you also want real flavor to fully enjoy vaping. The third prong is quality. Quality also relates to flavor and vapor but there is more. Quality also relates to production standards.

Squonking E-Liquid Quality

When you buy an e-liquid for squonking, you want to trust what is on the label. Unfortunately, studies have shown that in many cases that the ingredients are not reflected by what you see on the label. In fact, most of the e-juices independently tested had the wrong amount of nicotine! Look, it takes professionals in a fully operational lab to get e-liquid right.

Freeman Vape Juice has been independently tested and our ingredients have been found to be accurate to within 0.5%. That far exceeds the industry standard. We are proud of that. And that is part of quality. And quality is a big part of finding the best vape juice for squonking.

Vape Juice With Too Much Sweetener

Sqonkers are very skilled coil builders. Oftentimes, they like to build amazing, low resistance coils. It is common for low quality e-juice to gum up low resistance coils. The reason is because low quality juices regularly overuse sweetner to compensate for a weak flavor profile. Overcompensating for weak flavor recipes with a bunch of sweetner is not how to make the best vape juice for squonking.

Freeman vape juice captures authentic flavors and we do not have to fake it with sweetner. We do the real work of crafting quality recipes. Freeman is the best vape juice for squonking for many reason among them, we do not overuse sweetener!  

USA Made Vape Juice

e-liquids made for squonking with bottom feeding rdas with maximum vapor production

Sure, every company claims USA made vape juice. Because everyone makes that claim it has lost some of its meaning. Primarily, USA made is meant to imply quality and scrupulous production standards. Do they have a proper lab staffed by professionals? We hope so. But we know that we do.

  • The best vape juice for squonking should not only be made in the USA, but the ingredients should be sourced in the USA.
  • There are no cheap ingredients from overseas in Freeman Vape Juice.
  • Freeman does not use nicotine from China.

The bigger point is that USA made does not always mean USA sourced. Getting cheap ingredients from China and then blending it in the US technically qualifies as USA made. But in our humble opinion, no vape juice is really made in America unless the ingredients are sourced in America. We will just leave that there.

Discount Vape Juice

Here's the deal with Freeman. We are a discount vape juice brand but we do not cut corners. We spend a lot on lab space in a real lab. Just to expand on that, when we say real lab we mean an actual ISO8 facility. You can't just slap in an ISO8 filter and say you are ISO8. No, you need to account for every aspect of circulation and have appropriately contained entrance and exits. But I digress, we put everything into our production including working with chemistry PhDs to ensure the absolute best quality.

We don't spend much on marketing. We do not have a big money interest or corporate backer. Freman is an independent American business dedicated to excellence. Our plan was that vapers would be our marketers. In other words, we let our e-juice speak for itself.

Thanks to you, we are able to offer premium quality vape juice and a discount vape juice price. Plus, making large quantities of 120 ml vape juice sizes allows us to pass on savings to you. By no means is Freeman Vape Juice cheaply made, but we roll the way we do so we can sell it cheap. So there it is. A fore real premium USA made and sourced vape juice sold cheap. We may be breaking a few dishes with some of the big money interests in the business, but we can take the heat. And you can enjoy better vaping for less.


In summary, we think Freeman is the best vape juice for squonking for the following reasons:

  • The 80/20 VG/PG ratio is ideal for vapor and flavor
  • Freeman is made and sourced in the USA
  • Our lab is staffed by professional chemists
  • Our ingredients are accurate
  • We don’t overuse sweetener which can gum up your coils

I have to say that on our Facebook page and Instagram, we often have vapers send us pictures of their coil builds and squonk mods. Some of the coil builds we see are amazing. The skill and precision are phenomenal. Thanks to all who have sent us pictures and you make us envious of your skills!

Ultimately, if you are a squonker looking to get the maximum enjoyment out of your vaping, try Freeman! Put us to the test. Check out our selection and the latest special offers. Now, by all means, go forth and squonk!


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