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Does Vape Have Nicotine

Does vape have nicotine? Whether you are asking about the vape juice or the actual vapor, the answer is yes. Unless you are vaping zero mg nicotine in which case there is no nicotine in either the liquid or the vapor. But for the most part, vaping involves nicotine. Oftentimes, vapers reduce the amount of nicotine in vape over time. But the overall idea of vaping is to access nicotine without combustion. 

That’s a quick answer to the question - does vape have nicotine in it? But there is some layers to this questions that we will go explain. We will cover how much nicotine is in vape and or vape juice. In addition, we will talk about how much you absorb when vaping. There is an interesting study describing how that really works that we will tell you about. To give us a brief background to get started, let’s take a look at how much nicotine is in cigarettes.

One cigarette will have 8 mg of nicotine to about 20 mg of nicotine. The average amount of mg in a cigarette is 12 mg. But none of this really matters because regardless the strength of the tobacco smoked each cigarette will lead to about 1 mg of nicotine being absorbed. The amount of nicotine in the bloodstream is affected by the number of cigarettes smoked as opposed to how much is in a cigarette. That is something to keep in mind when thinking about how much nicotine is in vape.

Nicotine In Vape Juice

How much nicotine is in vape juice? The answer is on the label. Nicotine will be labeled in either milligrams, mg, or as a percentage by volume. For example, a 6 mg nicotine level might also be labeled as 0.6%. Or a 12 mg nicotine level may be labeled as 1.2%. Taking that to the next step, that means a 30 ml bottle of 12 mg e-juice will have a total of 36 mg of nicotine in the e-liquid.

You will not absorb all of that because the nicotine in vape, or the vapor, is not all absorbed as much of it is exhaled. In fact, the Ecigarette Research Advocacy Group found that vaped nicotine is absorbed at ⅓ to ¼ the rate of smoking.

  • Smokers absorb about 1 mg of nicotine when smoking a cigarette.
  • The nicotine in vape is absorbed at 25% to 33% of the rate of smoking.

There are a number of reasons for this. One of the reasons is that the tobacco additives, like ammonia, cause nicotine to be absorbed more rapidly when smoking. There are also some studies indicating that more nicotine is absorbed when smoking because smoke particulates are so small and invasive to body tissues. With vaping, the breakdown of particulates into vapor is not as violent as combustion.

Does Vape Have Nicotine In It?

Does vape have nicotine in it? Well, now that we know it does the next question is how much? And how much do you absorb? Vapers generally have higher plasma nicotine levels than smokers. There is more nicotine in vape so even though the absorption rate is lower, overall the user is able to get more nicotine. This information is based on a study posted by the National Institutes of Health.

See The NIH Study Here

The researchers in this particular study made an interesting discovery. It was discovered that vapers will unconsciously alter their vaping habits in order to satisfy nicotine cravings. In order to achieve that satisfaction level, vapers will vape more frequently until the level of fulfillment is achieved.

Does vape have nicotine? Yes and vapers typically vape at a level and frequency necessary to fulfill a craving. Choosing the right nicotine level for vaping is still important. But if a vaper is chain vaping chasing fulfillment, then it would probably be wise to buy a vape juice with a higher nic level.

Does Vape Juice Have Nicotine? How Much?

does nicotine have vape in it

When you buy vape juice, the options that are available include a number of nicotine levels. The right nicotine level for vaping depends on the individual.

VG Vape Juice

  • The most popular nicotine levels for VG e-juice are 3 mg and 6 mg. Because the user is inhaling so much vapor, the nicotine level does not have to be very high in order to deliver a satisfying vape.

    PG E-Liquid

    • PG e-liquids are juices that have at least 50% PG. The nicotine levels for PG juice range from 3 mg to 36 mg. Typically, a 24 mg nicotine is sufficient. But everyone is different and the range of options allow vapers to find the right one.
    • PG e-liquids are not suitable for sub ohm vaping.

      Nicotine Salts

      • Nicotine salt e-liquid can have much higher nicotine content. The reason is that nicotine salts are milder and can be inhaled more easily. That was a vaper can get a lot of nicotine without harshness.
      • Nic salt e-liquids are not appropriate for sub ohm vaping.

      Steeping vape juice for too long with the cap off can cause some loss of nicotine. Storing vape juice in a cool dark place with the cap on will help maintain the nic level.

      How Much Nicotine Is Really In Vape Juice?

      Didn’t we just answer that? Well, kind of! Here’s the caveat. Unfortunately, a number of studies have shown that many e-liquids do not contain the amount of nicotine displayed on the label. The industry standard is that ingredients should be accurate to within plus or minus 5%. Many are not coming close to meeting that standard. The industry is getting better but there are still companies that do not have the proper training or facilities to make vape juice.

      I am going to brag about Freeman for a second but this is important. We mentioned that the industry standard is plus or minus 5%. Independent lab testing has shown that Freeman’s vape juice recipes are accurate to within plus or minus 0.5%. We exceed the industry standard by a lot.

      If you want to know the answer to “does vape have nicotine” the next question is how much is in vape juice. That makes sense. We wanted to include this information so that you can be informed as a consumer. At Freeman, we are proud of our vape juice ingredients and the accuracy as well as consistency of our blends. We are in this to do things right.


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