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Rev-Tech Phantom Review | Freeman Vape juice

Rev-Tech Phantom Review

. We have a new mod to talk about. The Rev-Tech Phantom review takes you on a deep dive into a unique looking device. The unique look comes from the very large display screen that can be set with a variety of graphics options. You see, this mod has a large memory in the OptiMax chipset and as a result, the screen options are dazzling and varried.

The beautiful screen is very nice and will be appealing to many vapers. Another appealing aspect is the ability to set a pin number to unlock the mod. I like this feature a lot because it means that only you can use your mod. This is especially valuable if you have kids in the house.

These special features are great and they will add to the overall score of the Rev-Tech Phantom review, but it has to vape! That's what is most important. This device has super fast firing and a full compliment of vaping options. We will cover those features and put this mod through the paces. Before we get into that, let's start with what this mod is all about.

Rev-Tech Phantom Review

rev-tech phantom review a 220 watt mod with the optimax chip

The Rev-tech Phantom is a dual 18650 powered 220 watt vape mod. The most obvious features are the large display screen that looks like the dashboard gauges in a sports car, and the fire button. The fire button has a fantastic texture and protrudes slightly. It is a large mod at 94 mm tall and 54 mm wide. How would you like to see these RevTech Phantom review specs in bullet points? Okay, you got it:

  • Fires from 1 watt up to 220 watts
  • The atomizer resistance range is from 0.05 ohms to 3.0 ohms
  • The output voltage is 0 volts to 8 volts
  • Vaping functions include variable wattage, temp control, TCR, and bypass
  • Custom power curve option
  • The mod is 93 mm tall by 54 mm wide and 31 mm thick
  • Or, 3.7 inches tall by 2.1 inches wide by 1.2 inches thick
  • 2.8 inch display screen with resistant quartz cover
  • Temperature control range is 212 F to 572 F
  • Or, 100 C to 300 C
  • Safety features including reverse battery, short circuit, etc
  • Anti dry burn protection for temp control
  • 2 amp charging
  • OptiMax chipset
  • 32 Mb of memory
  • Upgradeable firmware available here
  • Operates on two 18650 batteries
  • Pass through capable

By the way, pass through capable just means that you can vape while the batteries are charging. Although vape mod chip technology has improved a lot in recent years, we still recommend using a separate battery charger.

Using The RevTech Phantom

I love vape mods that have a separate menu button. The menu button serves as a shortcut to get right into the vaping options. Instead of having to click the fire button in a specific sequence, all you have to do is click menu. One and done. As far as I'm concerned, having the menu button equals bonus points!

Once in the menu system, the vaping options are plentiful to say the least. Use the up and down buttons to scroll through the options. Thanks to the huge screen, all of the choices are clear and easy to read. Vaping options include:

  • Variable Wattage (what most vapers use)
  • Temperature control vaping with Ni200, SS316, SS304, Ti, and TCR
  • Bypass (makes it a mech mod)
  • CCW (custom curve wattage)
  • CCT (custom curve temperature)
Before moving on in the RevTech Phantom vape mod review, let's cover a few of these vaping options.

Variable Wattage - variable wattage is the setting most vapers use. The wattage range is 1 watt up to 220 watts. Seldom does anyone vape consistently at 220 watts but it is there if you want it. Most of the time, vapers vape in the 60 watt to 120 watt range. Variable wattage vaping is suitable for stainless steel and Kanthal coils. Kanthal is the most common type of atomizer coil.

Temperature Control - the temperature control vaping options are available with Nickel 200 coils, stainless steel 315, stainless steel 304, and titanium. These are the most common types of TC coil wire. For exotic wires, very rare, the user can customize the TCR value to match.

Bypass - bypass mode removes all control of power drawn from the battery. Essentially, this option makes the RevTech Phantom into a mech mod. We do not recommend using this mode. I never used it when testing for the Rev-tech Phantom review. Take advantage of the precision control of the Phantom. Mech mods should only be used by very experienced vapers with an intimate understanding of currents and resistance.

Phantom Custom Vaping Curves

CCT and CCW - CCT is custom curve temperature. CCW is custom curve wattage. This function allows the user to customize each second of atomizer fire time. For example, if you take a huge 6 second puff, you can set the wattage or temperature for each second. For the Revtech Phantom review, I used CCW. I like an initial strong hit. Therefore, I like 80 watts for the first second, then 70 watts for the second, and then down to 50 watts for the rest of the puff. You can customize to personal preference.


Rev-Tech Phantom Kit

The Rev-Tech Phantom kit comes with the Drift 2 vape tank. The tank with the kit is good. It is well made and delivers good flavor and vapor. Should you buy just the mod or the whole kit? My concern about the tank is that the coils maybe hard to find. But the good news on the tank is that Smok Baby Beast coils are compatible. And you can get Baby Beast coils pretty much anywhere. So that is also a plus in my book.

The Rev-Tech Phantom mod alone sells for about $80. If you get the kit with the Drift 2 tank, the price is around $95 to $100. Basically, if you get a kit, you get a solid vape tank for about $20. And that is a pretty good deal. But, it is up to you whether or not you just want the mod or the whole kit.

With that covered, let's take a closer look at the Rev-Tech Drift 2 Tank.

Rev-Tech Drift 2 Review

As part of the RevTech Phantom review we want to include a quick overview of the Drift 2 tank. This puppy has a 24.6 mm diameter and a large base component. The large steel base is an isolation component to ensure the coil wick stays saturated. Also, the base itself contains 2 ml of vape juice making it TPD compliant. When the glass tank is attached to the base, then the e-juice capacity becomes 5 ml.

The top section has a sliding top fill design and it works very, very well. The coils that come with it are a mesh style coil. They are called the Rev-Tech M coils, with M representing mesh. As in they are all mesh type coils. The coils that come with it are the M1 and the M4. Here are the details:

  • M1 Coil - 0.18 ohm single mesh coil. Rated for 40 watts to 80 watts. Performs best at 60 watts to 70 watts.
  • M3 Coil - 0.15 ohm triple mesh coil. Rated for 55 watt to 90 watts with the best performance at 70 watts to 85 watts.
  • M4 Coil - 0.15 ohm quad coil. Rated for 50 watts up to 100 watts with the best performance at 75 watts to 80 watts.

The M class class mesh coils from RevTech are actually very good. As mentioned, Smok Baby Beast coils can be used with the Drift 2 tank also. But I do prefer the mesh coils. The flavor is good and the vapor production is solid.

Again, the stainless steel construction There are three airflow ports and the airflow is nice, smooth, and quiet.

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