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Smoant KARAT Review | Freeman Vape juice

Smoant KARAT Review

There is a new pod mod in town. The Smoant KARAT review will cover the ins and outs of this new device. The KARAT is made for nicotine salt e-liquids. With nic salt vape juice, a little vapor goes a long way.

With a pod Vape system, the idea is to deliver a very satisfying dense and nicotine full vapor in a relatively small amount of vapor. That way, the user gets full satisfaction from a small convenient and portable device. It really is a nicotine salt E-liquid that is made pod mods so viable and popular to Vapors. Because nicotine salt E-liquid can have a high nicotine content without being harsh on the user, you can get full set of faction in a small amount of vapor.

Pod systems are great for new vapers who do not want to have to use a complex device. Let's face it, some of the sub ohm mods out there can be complicated to use. Many of us love having all the buttons and gadgetry. But for many others, they just want something small compact that can stick into a pocket and something that gets a job done. The Smoant KARAT review will give you the information you need to decide if the Smoant KARAT is the one for you.

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Smoant Karat Review


I will tell you straight up for the Smoant KARAT review that the device is not as good as some other pod systems like the Lost Vape Orion. However, the KARAT does get a passing grade from Freeman vape juice. The reason is the consistency. The battery and processor technology here is top notch.

The device charges quickly in 55 minutes the 380mah battery will give you if not a full day of vaping very close to it. And that gives it an edge over other pod Vape systems. The consistency of every vape being the same as the last really stands out. But in terms of the negatives, the draw is quite stiff. But if you like a stiff draw, then this device is absolutely perfect.

Pros and Cons of the Smoant KARAT

PRO: The 55-minute recharge time is certainly indicative of the battery quality and processor quality. That's just a huge plus.

CON: It is hard to see that you liquid level inside the Pod. When your refilling a pod there's a tendency to overfill because you can't see the e-liquid level. As a result, quite often you don't realize its full until it starts to come out and make a bit of a mess. As a result, there can be some clean up that goes on with refilling a pod.

After about four or five refills, you start to get the hang of how much liquid will go into the KARAT pod. Still, it would have been better if they would have made it easy to see the liquid level inside the pod.

PRO: The design is quite interesting and actually attractive. You can see why they called it the carrot because it has numerous shapes Diamond like shapes on the exterior. This is more than just a gimmick, this actually enhances the grip compared to other pod devices.

PRO: Smoant KARAT pods are easy to insert and extract. they're held firmly in place magnetically so you don't have to worry about them accidentally falling out during the course of day-to-day transportation to use.

Refilling Smoant KARAT Pods

When you pull out a KARAT cartridge to refill it, you unplug the two caps on the bottom of the pod. I got a bit of a bone to pick here. To pry open the two caps on the bottom of the pod can be quite a chore. If you don't have fingernails you'll likely need to use something to pry it open like a small flat head screwdriver or a key. At the same time, I love the fact that these plugs are so secure and this pod doesn't leak.

In the course of testing for the Smoant KARAT review, I came to appreciate the fact that even though these plugs were difficult to work with, in exchange I was getting more certainty of no leaks. So when I think about that I'll make that trade every time.

Overall Rating of Smoant KARAT

  • Design and build quality 8/10 - The diamong, angular design is attractive and enhances grip. The zinc alloy construction is durable and very solid.
  • KARAT Pods - 8/10 - The KARAT pods score high marks for the magnetic connection that is both secure yet easy to work with. The pods lose points for not being able to the the vape juice level.
  • Battery Quality - 9/10 - The best thing discovered in the course of the Smoant KARAT review was the battery quality. The processor, chip, is very efficient as well. That efficiency leads to longer battery life and more vaping between having to recharge. The super fast recharge time is great. Best of all is the consistency. The battery puts out a very consistent current which leads to very consistent vaping.
  • Vaping - 8/10 - the vaping is great. Especially with Freeman nic salt vape juice, of course! Yes, the draw is stiff, but the vapor does hit the spot.  


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