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Vaporesso Polar Mod Kit Review With Cascade Baby SE | Freeman Vape juice

Vaporesso Polar Mod Kit Review With Cascade Baby SE

This is a new mod kit that we wanted to tell you about because this one is a very good high quality option. In addition, it can be purchased as an all in one kit and excellent kick-starter for a vaper ready for the next level. Our Vaporesso Polar 220 watt mod and Cascade Baby SE tank review will cover this new device and why it may or may not be a fit for you. If you want to branch out into sub ohm vaping with a dual 18650 battery powered 220 watt mod then this could be your Huckleberry. Let’s get into it.

The Vaporesso Polar 220 watt mod is a dual 18650 box mod. Vaporesso has proven to be an excellent company that makes very good vape gear. The Polar mod offers a vast range of vaping options including variable wattage, temp control, bypass, and smart modes. The Omni chip is an established and reliable performer in the industry. The slim profile Polar mod is fairly comfortable to hold and user friendly. There is also a colorful and large 2 inch screen display.

The mod looks fantastic and boasts the new Omni 4.0 board that fires in 0.001 seconds. Additionally, if you get the kit it will come with the new Cascade Baby SE vape tank with mesh coils. The Cascade Baby is a lower profile upgrade vs. the original Vaporesso Cascade tank. The main attractive feature of the Cascade tank, at least as far as I am concerned, are the mesh coils. If you haven't tried mesh coils yet then this is a great time to do so! At any rate, customers can choose between the kit of the mod by itself. We shall get started with the mod.

Vaporesso Polar Review

The Vaporesso Polar review is going to be a bit long. If you do not have a lot of time or are just looking for the basics, then this section is for you.

We will give you the broad strokes and final rating. If you would like more details, you can read on and find out the reasons for each rating. But for now, the sixty-four thousand dollar question is whether or not to buy the Vaporesso Polar mod with the Cascade Baby SE tank. Up to you! We won't tell you what or what not to buy but what we can say is that it is an excellent mod and worth the money.

You can buy it here with free shipping.

The Cliff's Notes version of the Vaporesso Polar review and the Cascade Baby SE tank review is that this is a terrific kit. It sells for somewhere between $85 and $100. So the price is not cheap but you do get your money's worth. The mod is exceptionally user friendly and makes accessing advanced vaping features a breeze. The Cascade Baby SE tank is awesome especially with the mesh coils. The quad coils are only ok to be honest but by all means go with the mesh coils because they are awesome. All right, let's talk ratings.

Vaporesso Polar Mod Review Ratings

  • Build quality and durability: 8.2
  • Function and feel: 8.3
  • Omni 4.0 chipset: 8.7
  • Aesthetic: 8.2
  • Overall value: 8.4

Vaporesso Cascade Baby SE Vape Tank Review

  • Build quality: 8.5
  • User friendly / design: 8.6
  • Airflow: 8.2
  • Vapor: 8.2
  • Flavor: 8.7 (with mesh coil)


  • Vaporesso Polar Mod Kit Review Score: 84/100
  • Vaporesso Polar Review Score:  84/100
  • Vaporesso Cascade Baby SE Review Score:  84/100

The overall ratings for the Vaporesso Polar review is 84/100. That is across the board for the mod, tank, and kit. The Polar kit is perfect for someone looking for an all-in-one vape kit in the $80 to $100 range. I also feel like this kit is perfect for a vaper who wants to try some advanced vaping features but is perhaps worried about the complexity. The Polar mod makes accessing some of those advanced features easier than you might think. While the Omni 4.0 chipset may not have the accuracy or efficiency of the new Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 250C, the Omni 4 is a race car. It is fast and performs.

So that's it for the quickie version of our Vaporesso Polar Mod review and kit review with the Cascade Baby SE. We give it our stamp of approval. If it fits the bill for what you are looking for, then it is certainly worthy of your consideration. Also, it comes in seven different colors. Now, if you want more details about how we arrived at these ratings, then by all means read on. And by the way, don't forget that the best vape juice to use with the Vaporesso Polar kit is Freeman Vape Juice! How did you know we would say that? ;)

vaporesso polar 220 watt mod review

Vaporesso Polar Mod Details

The Vaporesso Polar mod is about 85 mm tall, 45 mm wide, and 28 mm thick. The edges are beveled nicely giving it a nicely comfortable feel. The 2 inch color display screen is gorgeous and so easy to read. I love the display. The mod runs on two 18650 batteries. The build quality is very good. The battery door fits snugly and requires some digging and prying to get it off but the flip side of that is that it fits tight and secure. The centered 510 pin is a thing of beauty. There is no overhang with atomizers that are 25 mm or less.

One thing that I think many vapers will find useful is the smart mode. The smart function automatically dials in an ideal, suitable wattage setting for the atomizer resistance. The vaping functions include:

  • VWN - variable wattage normal. In variable wattage normal, the Polar mod will fire at the displayed wattage setting.
  • VWH - variable wattage high. In variable wattage high, the Polar mod will fire at a slightly higher initial wattage for a harder hit.
  • VWS - variable wattage soft. In variable wattage soft, the mod will fire at an initial lower wattage than is displayed for a somewhat softer initial hit.
  • VT - variable temperature. Temperature control vaping with stainless steel, nickel, or titanium coils.
  • Bypass - bypass mode draws raw power from the battery with no regulation, which is like a mech mod. Not recommended. For experienced vapers with a strong knowledge of Ohm's Law and batteries.
  • TCR - temperature coefficient of resistance. Allows you to specify the coefficient of resistance of coil material. For advanced users.
  • CCW - custom curve wattage - Custom curve wattage allows the user to manually set the wattage for each second of atomizer firing time.
  • CCV - custom curve voltage - Custom curve voltage allows the user to set the voltage for each second of firing time.

The CCV and CCW are the advanced features that I feel the Vaporesso Polar makes accessible. While vaping for the Vaporesso Polar review, I used the CCW extensively and loved it. I set the first second to fire at 85 watts, then 75 watts for the second, 65 for the third, and then down to 50 watts for the rest. This curve gives a hard initial hit that slowly mellows out over the four or five seconds that I typically vape. You can customize the vape any way you want. And like I mentioned, using this advanced feature is quick and simple to dial in.

There are three buttons on the bottom front of the mod. There is an up and down button as well as a mode button. Most Vaporesso mads have a mode button which is awesome. Thanks to the mode button you do not have to page through so many layers of menu to get to the settings that you want to adjust.

The screen looks like a touch screen but it is not. But, I love the big screen. The simple fact that the menu options are displayed so clearly truly enhances the ease of use. Between the mode button and the big screen, I have to give the Polar an excellent rating. Perfect for vapers who want to expand their vaping experiences with a mod designed to make that journey a bit easier.

Omni 4.0 Board In The Vaporesso Polar Mod

The Omni 4.0 board is the biggest reason that the Vaporesso Polar mod review resulted in such excellent ratings. First, the Omni 4 is upgradeable and has a full compliment of safety features. The safety features include short-circuit protection, burn, no-load, overtime, low resistance, low power and many more. The vaping features are plentiful and it fires lightning fast.

The fast firing and safety features are impressive. Moreover, the Vaporesso Polar with the Omni board has 2.5 amp on board charging. Now, 2.5 amp charging is pretty stellar. At that rate, two 18650 batteries could be charged in well under 2 hours. But, should you use the on board charging or use a separate battery charger? I recommend using a separate battery charger. Personally, I do not want to charge my batteries that quickly. The amount of heat generated charging at that rate would cause some worry. Vaporesso probably tested this extensively and it is probably safe but I am going to stick with my separate charger!

Vaporesso Polar Mod Review Ratings

Polar Mod Build Quality and Durability 8.2

The build quality is excellent. The deductions in this case were for the fire button and battery door. Both of the deductions were subjective and I will explain. For example, the battery door. The battery door is very secure so that is not a problem. Rather the battery door can be hard to open. There is no clear opening to pry the door open. You will need to get into the crack with your nails to open it. No big deal, nitpicky, but just being straight with you.

freeman vape juice review of the vaporesso polar dual 18650 mod

The fire button is great. As shown in the image above, the fire button is located perfectly and big. The only problem is that you have to make sure that you activate it from the top. If you push the fire button from the bottom, it might not activate. Again, overall I love the fire button but I do want to make you aware.

Beyond those two minor things, the rest of the build is awesome. There are no shakes or rattles. The design is rock solid. Judging by the durability of previous Vaporesso mods, I expect that the Polar mod will stand everyday wear and tear for an extended period of time. Bonus points for the centered 510 connection!

Polar Mod Function and Feel  8.3

When completing vape mod reviews, we usually put function and feel in one category. For the Vaporesso Polar review, we maybe should have made it two separate categories. Anyway, here's the scoop. The Polar gets a 9.0 for function and a 7.5 for feel. That’s how we came out at an 8. More details.

In terms of feel, the Polar mod is nice and compact. It is comfortable. My deductions come because there is now distinctive grip. If you have sweaty palms like me, it might get slippery! To be clear, it never did slip while I was vaping for the Polar mod review but I did have that concern. The glossy finish can leave fingerprints and I know that there are a lot of mods like that. I don’t think it is a big deal but just letting you know.

So that brings us to function where the Vaporesso Polar scores a solid 9. The function is outstanding. The vaping options are plentiful and the performance is amazing. Using the menu is clear and easy. Vapers can customize fire profiles easily so even those intricate and sometimes complicated vaping functions are simplified. The Polar mod fires instantly. A very fast and responsive vape.

Omni 4.0 Chip 8.7

The claim to fame is the fast firing. Vaporesso claims that the Polar mod fires in 0.001 seconds. Now, I don’t have a stopwatch that can test this! But I can concur that it fires seemingly instantly. The fast firing claim stands up and you will probably notice it when you vape it. After vaping this mod for the Vaporesso Polar Review, I can confirm that it does deliver on the promise of fast firing.

There is a large number of vaping options with the Omni 4.0. Those options include variable power, temperature control, bypass, TCR, and custom power curves (CCW).

The menu system is among the most user friendly that I have tried. The large 2 inch screen enhances the accessibility of the range of vaping functions. In particular, I like how easy it is to set up a custom firing profile. CCW for wattage and CCV for voltage.

Polar Mod Review Aesthetic 8.0

This part of the Vaporesso Polar mod review is always tricky! Judging a vape device by look and style is always subjective. First, I ask myself if there is anything about a mod that people will look at and instantly know what it is. In other words, is it distinguishable from a crowd. The most distinguishing characteristic of the Polar is the large, colorful screen. Other than that, it looks like a very nice box mod.
There are seven color options available which is also a plus. The smooth finish is appealing although it can show a lot of fingerprints. Overall I would have gone with a higher rating here had there been something more distinguishable. And I personally like mods with a rustic look with a more textured finish. Still, all in all, a good looking device.

Overall Value 8.2

The overall value of the Vaporesso mod comes in at an 8.2. That is very good. You will get a full value for your money. Sure, you can get a cheaper kit that is pretty good, but there is extra value in the enhanced performance and function of the Polar.

For a high performance mod, this puppy is a very good deal.

The vaping is awesome. There is a plethora of vapor and flavor, especially with the mesh coils. An 80/20 discount vape juice like Freeman also brings out the best on your vaping!

Here are some numbers for you. The Polar mod kit sells for anywhere from $85 to $100. The mod by itself will sell in the $70 range. And the Vaporesso cascade Baby SE tank sells for $33 to $40. When I look at the numbers, I think the kit is the best deal. Especially if you do not currently have a tank that will work with mesh coils.

Vaporesso Cascade Baby SE Tank Review

vaporesso cascade baby se vape tank review this tank has 6.5 ml e-liquid capacity

In the next section will be the Vaporesso Cascade Baby SE tank review. The Cascade Baby has been out for a while and has been a huge hit among vapers. Some have even said that the Cascade Baby is their favorite vape tank. So what is the Cascade Baby SE? We don't know. No one does. It's just one of those things. Just kidding! Had you for a second, huh? Anyway the Cascade Baby SE is the same design including with a couple of differences. 

The difference with the Cascade SE is the colored glass tank and the larger vape juice capacity. Other than that, the rest seems to be the exact same. In addition to colored glass, the Cascade Baby SE glass also bubbles outward, which gives it more vape juice capacity than the Cascade Baby. Specifically, the Cascade Baby has a 5 ml juice capacity whereas the Cascade Baby SE has a 6.5 ml vape juice capacity.

The Cascade vape tank has an innovative section called the isolation component. The isolation component separates the vape juice chamber from the coil. The idea is that it will enhance flavor. Take a look.

tech specs of the vaporesso polar mod and the cascade baby se atomizer tank including isolated vape juice chamber

The above image shows the schematic for the entire Vaporesso Polar kit including the Cascade Baby SE. This was the best image I could get for the Cascade Baby SE review to show the isolation component. I did notice and enhanced flavor performance, too. Also, I never once got any vape spitting or spitback.

Cascade Baby SE Specs

  • Size: 24.5mm (D) by 58mm (H)
  • Capacity: 6.5ml (Standard Version)
  • Coil: GT Mesh Coil 0.18ohm (50W-90W)
  • GT CCELL2 Coil 0.3ohm (35W-40W)
  • GT4 0.15 Ohm Quad Coil (30W to 70W)
  • GT6 0.2 ohm Coil (40W to 100W)
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • 510 drip tip

**A 2 ml TPD compliant version of the tank is available for European customers.

There are a few more coil options I could have listed but you get the idea. At any rate, the coil that I recommend you vape with is the GT mesh coil. The Ccell coil is pretty good as well. I like the GT4 and GT6 too but they don't last as long or have the same flavor as the Mesh.

Vaping The Cascade Baby SE

Vaping the Cascade Baby SE is a pleasure. The top fill design makes changing vape juice a snap. A little push and twist will open the top fill port. The three way airflow does an excellent job of drawing the airflow up through the heart of the coil. Vapers will also like to know that while the drip tip is the size of an 810, the connection for the drip tip is a 510. A 510 drip tip connection provides you plenty of options for swapping drip tips.

  • Build quality: 8.5 (sturdy stainless steel construction)
  • User friendly / design: 8.6 (easy access top-fill)
  • Airflow: 8.2 (tri-airflow)
  • Vapor: 8.2 (very consistent, no dry hits)
  • Flavor: 8.7 (with mesh coil)

I don't have a lot left to say! That does it for my Vaporesso Polar 220 watt mod kit review. Please, while you are here, take a minute to check out Freeman Vape Juice. We offer exceptional quality USA made vape juice in 120 ml bottles for unbeatable prices.

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