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Vsticking VK530 Vape Mod Review | Freeman Vape juice

Vsticking VK530 Vape Mod Review

We have a new vape mod company! We also have the Vsticking VK530 review. The VK530 is the first mod from a new company called Vsticking. I think they may be related to Pioneer 4 You and YiHi. In any case, they do use YiHi chipsets in their mods which is a good thing to be sure. In fact, the Vsticking has the newest YiHi SX530 chip. That's how this mod got its name! VK for Vsticking and 530 for the new YiHi SX530 chip. Add it up and you get VK530.

The first impression of the VK530 is that it looks like the high end SX mods. That includes the shape, button location, and huge, centered 510 connection. But the good news is that the VK530 is less than half the price of the SX mods. This mod is going to run you in the range of $70 to $85. The prices always vary in vaping because some of the big money companies buy in huge volumes and can sell for less. Independent small businesses do not have as much room to offer the lower prices.

Other first impressions include the joystick style adjustment button. The toggle allows easy menu access and adjustment. The outer skin is a decorative coating that comes in a few different color and style options. The outer skin has a slightly rubberized feel which helps with grip. The fire button is a beauty. It is nice and big and located perfectly. The battery door is rock solid as is the aluminum frame overall. There are no shakes or rattles. Vsticking has built a very good quality device operated by a state of the art chip. We have all the ingredients for an excellent vape mod.

Vsticking VK530 Review

vsticking vk530 review specification and vaping functions

The Vsticking VK530 review starts off with the basics. This mod is a dual 18650 device that will fire up to 200 watts. The vaping options include variable wattage and temperature control for stainless steel, nickel, titanium, and TCR. The round LED screen offers a full color display. And the colors really pop. There are options to customize the hit. That includes a soft hit, normal, strong, and very strong. Thanks to the toggle, it is easy to adjust these custom settings on the fly. The ovular shape feels comfortable to handle.

The Vsticking VK530 Specs are:

  • 92.5 mm tall
  • 48.3 mm wide
  • 34.6 mm thick
  • Huge, centered 510 pin can handle 30 mm atomizers with no overhang
  • YiHi SX530 Chip
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Will fire from 5 watts up to 200 watts
  • Voltage range is 1 volt up to 8 volts
  • Atomizer resistance range for variable wattage is 0.15 ohms to 3.0 ohms
  • Atomizer resistance range fro temp control is 0.05 ohms to 1.5 ohms
  • Anti-burning technology for temp control modes
  • Variable power mode
  • Temp control in Ni, SS, Ti, and TCR
  • Temp control output 10J-120J. 212-572℉ / 100-300℃
  • Custom vape settings for soft, normal, strong, and very strong
  • Custom wallpaper for the display screen
  • Low voltage and resistance protection
  • High input voltage protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Short-circuit protection

 VK530 Build Quality   -  8.5/10

The build quality of the Vsticking VK530 is rated at an 8.5 out of 10. The aluminum body is sturdy and lightweight. The battery door is exceptionally well built. Another plus for the battery door is the clear labeling of battery number and position. There are no shakes or rattles.

The round, colorful screen is attractive for sure but more importantly it clearly provides the information vapers require. The buttons and toggle are excellent. The fire button is beautifully located and has a satisfying click! My favorite part of the overall build is the large, centered 510. The 510 is awesome and will take 30 mm atomizers with no overhang.

Vsticking VK530 Usability/Comfort  -  8.3/10

We gave a high usability score for the Vsticking VK530 review because of the ease of use and comfort. The ovular, rounded shape is very comfortable in the hand. The exterior finish is slightly textured to aid grip. It can still be slippery, but overall it is comfortable and secure in the hand.

The menu is easy to access. Click the fire button five times to access the menu. The toggle allows the user to move to menu options. The fire button is used to access specific menu options and the the toggle button is used to adjust each setting. The process follows a natural progression and the device makes it relatively easy to fine tune the vaping experience to suit individual tastes.

SX 530 Chip - 8.4/10

vsticking vk530 display screen

The SX 530 chip is the latest from YiHi. The chip is upgradeable as well. YiHi is known for being reliable and stable. In fact, outside the DNA chips, many regard the YiHi chips as the best for temperature control. In addition, this mod fires fast and offers a responsive performance.

Another plus for this chip is the customization features. Specifically, the easy access four custom vaping options. With the VK530 vape mod, the user can select a soft hit, normal, strong, or very strong. What this feature does is control the initial burst of power to the atomizer. For example, if you are vaping at 50 watts using the "very strong" option, the initial burst of power will be at a much higher wattage so that the 'vape' or 'hit' is stronger. I like an initial hard hit so this feature earns bonus points!

Vsticking firmware upgrades available here.

Vaping The Vsticking VK530 - 8.5/10

Vaping the Vsticking VK530 is a pleasure! Though the fire button is small, it is ideally located and natural to use. As mentioned, I like and used the custom vaping options while testing for the Vsticking VK530 vape mod review. I found the menu system to be easy to navigate. Now, I have used a hundred different mods and am very used to menu systems. I had to ask myself, what if this was my first mod? I believe that even a relatively new user can comfortable manage this menu system because it is actually intuitive.

The vaping is excellent. The mod is responsive with no noticeable lag. I loved using this mod in temperature control. The performance in TC is consistent. I liked the stylish designs but that is always an subjective evaluation. I did not include an aesthetic score in my Vsticking VK530 review because it varies by person. But, I do think the style adds to the enjoyment of vaping because it starts a conversation with fellow vapers!

Value - 8.6/10

The VK530 mod sells for about $70 to $85. It is in the ball park with most dual 18650 mods. The value score is an excellent 8.6 out of 10. This is the heart of the Vsticking VK530 review. After all, that's the real question, is it worth the money. If you like custom options and if you use temperature control, the VK530 is a very good value.

Basically, using the VK530 vape mod is similar to using a high end SX mod but at less than half the price.

 Vsticking VK530 Mod Review Wrap-Up

Vsticking VK530 review total score - 8.4/10

The VK530 has earned an excellent score after a week of testing. A week is not long enough to determine long-term durability but we did use this extensively among different people. We opened and closed the battery door at least 100 times. We did not see any signs of wear for what its worth.

Overall, the Vsticking VK530 is good value and the accessible menu is terrific. All of us involved in testing also liked the custom features, especially the very strong setting. In our opinion, this is a good choice for vapers who enjoy temp control. The TC performance is smooth and constant.







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