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Use coupon superfire for 50% off.
Use coupon superfire for 50% off.

Jungle King (Tobacco Free Nicotine)


Jungle has been one of the best sellers of all time. This is a more flavourful Powerful sweeter LIMITED edition of Jungle, based on 2 years of suggestions. It has become Paul Freeman’s new ADV

We consider it our piece de resistance a fancy word for a masterpiece.

All coupons and deals apply to this special edition.

Strawberry meets kiwi and banana in a sour blend with extra power.

Tobacco-Free nicotine is the next generation of flavor and purity.  It is a revolution in vaping and you are the first one to try it.  

100ml bottle.

What are the benefits?

– Dramatically reduced odor and harshness profile.

– The flavor takes the center stage.

 – Base starter material is not derived from tobacco.

– All ingredients purchased from accredited suppliers.

– Manufactured to exceed USP and EP grade requirements.

– Verifiable synthetic ‘S’ and ‘R-S’ nicotine signatures.

– More satisfaction.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Henry Adlean

I love the selection and pricing. I would like to suggest a creation for military men and women

Ramon velez

Best company

Joe AlMahayri
Another Jewel in The Freeman Crown!

Smooth, Nice and Delicious

Doug W
If my soulmate was a vape juice, this would be it

Wow- I was told this was the juice- I purchased a bottle to try and have since ordered several more. Vaping the Jungle King is a journey back into my primal brain/ childhood of the sweet Juicy, bursting with flavor fruits of an amazing stick gum from years ago. This takes me back to a simpler time when life was less complicated and you better be in the yard before the street lights turned on. This is the 1 to 5 Cent candy store flavors, that amazing gumball with it sweetness bursting into your mouth and blowing up your senses. For me, a trip back in time to payphones and banana seat bicycles is just a vape away when Jungle King is in my vape. The TFN version is even "cleaner" then the original but that might just be me since this is the path forward and the way things are just moving. Despite all this, it takes me back when roller rinks and Friday nights under the lights at a local football game where the highlights of life. Paul, this is now my EDV and I travel back in time with it frequently especially with all the things the world tosses at us each and every day.

Gary L.Herren

Very good flavor, haven't had a bad flavor from Freeman's, thank you very much

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