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A Home Grower's Guide To Cultivating High-CBD Cannabis Strains

A Home Grower's Guide To Cultivating High-CBD Cannabis Strains

If you are a cannabis consumer, you will probably know all about the cannabinoids that occur naturally in the plant. THC is the psychoactive component that yields the high recreational users look for. Conversely, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that offers therapeutic benefits. If you want to derive medicinal value from cannabis, high-CBD strains make the right pick for you. While you can source them from a dispensary, you can even cultivate them yourself as a home grower. But you must follow some rules to get a thriving yield with a CBD-high strain. Here is a home grower's guide that can help.

Pick the right genetics  

If you want a high CBD yield, choosing the right genetics should be your top priority. Online research can help you pick a CBD-rich strain. But it makes sense to get recommendations from an experienced grower. Look for a strain with CBD percentages well over 10%. The best option is to use a clone that has already yielded plants with high content of the cannabinoid. You can ask for seeds of the same strain as well. 

Test during early stages

Running some lab tests is a good way to ensure that your plants match the expectations. Experts recommend getting the tests around 3 to 4 weeks after seedlings sprout. It lets you identify the CBD-rich plants at early stages. It is best to look for a lab that can offer reliable results so that you can tailor your crop accordingly. If you do not have early testing resources, you will need to wait for the harvest time.

Ensure optimal conditions 

Just as with any cannabis strain, you must ensure optimal conditions for CBD-high plants. Growing indoors requires extra care, but it also gives you the option to control temperature and light. Seek advice from an expert gardener and invest in the right equipment. The Growealth LED 300 watt is ideal for matching the lighting needs of the plants throughout the growth stages. You will also need to provide good ventilation for proper airflow to boost growth.

Take care of the crop  

Apart from optimal conditions, your crop needs good care to be healthy and thriving. Avoid nutrient deficiencies and curb mold and mildew as they can decrease cannabinoid content. It is vital to invest time and effort in plant care throughout the entire stages of growth. Go the extra mile during the drying and curing stages to maximize the plant quality and cannabinoid content.

Harvest at the right time

Harvest time plays a significant role in cannabinoid development, so make sure you do not miss out on the timing. Harvesting too early or late can affect the CBD content to a considerable extent. Get started with harvesting when you notice more than half of the trichomes changing from clear to cloudy. Once again, online research and expert guidance can show you the way for correct harvest timing. 

Growing CBD-rich cannabis is easier than you imagine. Even if you need to make some effort, it is worthwhile because you get pure and potent cannabis without spending a fortune. 

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