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5 Healthy Vaping Tips Seasoned Vapers Rely On

Vaping is inherently healthier than smoking as it is easy on your throat and lungs. Not surprisingly, countless smokers have switched to this alternative, and many are ready to join the bandwagon. The best part is that it does not compromise your experiences as you get the comparable flavor, feel, and cloud. Even better, seasoned vapers have found ways to get healthy and delicious clouds that match expectations. Here are some healthy vaping tips they rely on.

Invest in high-quality vape juice

Healthy vaping is mainly about the quality of vape juice you use. Stick with high-quality products, even if you have to shell out a little more for them. Premium products are pure and organic, so opt for reputed brands and sellers only. Researching about the products before buying them can help you steer clear of low-quality ones. Also, make sure you store your vape juice under the right conditions to maintain integrity. Besides quality and storage, exploring a variety of flavors is another factor that can take your experience a notch higher. 

Wait between puffs

The correct vaping technique is another factor that determines safety in the long run. Seasoned vapers recommend steering clear of chain sessions if you want to derive the best benefits from your vaping sessions. Ideally, your wicks should be saturated before hitting the next vape. So you must wait for 15 to 30 seconds between consecutive puffs. With this technique, you will not have to worry about dry hits. Moreover, this technique is easier on your lungs. 

Pick the right vaping gear

The quality of your vape juice is a good start, but you must have the right gear for staying healthy and safe. The best advice is to avoid plastic as acidic flavors such as citrus, essential oils, menthol, and cinnamon can crack plastic tanks. You can explore illuminati glass and invest in quality glass water pipes instead. These tools last longer than plastics, and you need not worry about toxic fumes. The ease of use gives them brownie points. 

Clean your device regularly

The last thing you want is to inhale from a dirty device with residue build-up. Vape tanks tend to accumulate residue over time. It can affect the flavor and quality of smoke and even irritate your throat and lungs. Luckily, you can avoid these issues by cleaning the device after every use. All you need to do is soak the tank in warm water and wipe it dry. Just a little effort sets you up for clean and healthy vaping sessions. 

Go the extra mile with oral hygiene

Regular vapers must do their bit for oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth and cleaning your tongue regularly, keeps you on top of the oral hygiene routine. These measures remove residue and protect your oral health. The good thing is that the oral health risks of vaping are far lower than smoking cigarettes. But you should still go the extra mile for the sake of safety. 

Healthy vaping does not require a lot of work. It is mainly about being sensible with the choice of your products, device, and technique. Go the extra mile with device care, and you can have the best sessions.