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Freeman Vape Juice top 10 flavors in 2019

We had such a wild year together, and we can only hope for many many years ahead. With all the uncertainty around our industry we will just keep going until the very last day to believe in our product with all our hearts.

The staff here at Freeman will continue to make the juices you all love with the same attention to detail, care and hard work that it has so far. And to ship it to you as fast as humanly possible.

2019 was the year where we grew closer than ever, and we couldn't be more grateful to have you as our customers.

These are our top best sellers decided by you guys:


10. Vice Cream

The one that will become your secret to-go vape juice.

9. Homecoming

This warm strawberry pudding is really does bring back those childhood memories of coming back home to a warm dessert. Making the cut in our 10 top flavors of 2019.

8. Imagine

We can't imagine a world without Imagine! Our lemon tart classic, coming from our original release line into 2019. Hopefully we will see it next year too, a delight.


7. Blue collar

Tart raspberries meet sweet candy in a perfect blend to make it in our top 10 list for 2019! I know quite a few of you that simply love this one.


6. Icebound

Refreshing in 2019 was easy with this menthol vape flavor. A true authentic menthol, not chemical bad taste. Just ice cold goodness.


5. Maximum overdrive

The rush of watermelon, and mixed berries blend with tart crust is definitely a win for those of you who appreciate a well balanced watermelon vape.


4. Cococaine

 Never enough cococaine.

3. Jungle

Our mixed blend of banana, kiwi and strawberry, Jungle still goes strong in 2019 as our top 3 sellers. You guys seem to really love this one! 


2. 1885

It comes to no surprise that our famous Milkshake founds itself in the the top 3. Loved by our clients all over the world, this flavor brings back the nostalgia of a crafty original vanilla milkshake.


* Notable mentions of 2019 that didn't make the cut but have been loved by quite a few of you guys. Buccaneer our tropical punch flavor, the famous Banana chase banana bread flavor that we had a blast making it in collaboration with our Facebook group, and obviously Strawb lights named by few people the ultimate strawberry tart flavor on the market)


And . . . for the winner of 2019. Non other than:

1. Trail blazer

You cannot beat a classic tobacco with a twist, adding butterscotch and peanut butter this makes for our number one seller in 2019. Definitely a strong sign for Freeman to develop more tobacco flavors in 2020.

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