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How Ecig Media Can Help You Using SEO

How Ecig Media Can Help You Using SEO

If you have a great product, all you need is more customers. And if this is what you are thinking, you are in the right space because you just found the largest vaping advertising network on the planet - Ecig Media. Ecig Media is the number one source of high-quality traffic in the vaping industry. Not just that, but they also have connections to most influential sites in the vaping niche.

When you are want the best SEO agency in the vaping industry, then no doubt, you should be looking for Ecig Media. Since its inception in 2008, Ecig Media has generated over $12 million in sales through its in-house publisher websites. By bringing all the top vape-related publishers together under one roof, Ecig Media is able to easily manage your marketing campaigns effectively for the best results. With Ecig Media, you get access to over 200 million impressions every month. 

About Their Services

Ecig Media has put together a plethora of marketing solutions that work hand in hand to give you just what your brand is looking for.

Other than SEO, Ecig Media also offers influencer marketing and display advertising which helps to associate your brand with the best e-cigarette and vaping-related publications both online and in print. Ecig media develops each campaign with a specific need in mind, with pricing spaces across their network at either a CPM or monthly flat rate. They provide you with impressions served, click-through rate, and optimization all through the life cycle of your ad campaign.

Ecig Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With their SEO content service, they help you write articles in the form of reviews which are usually about your products and services and insert backlinks that lead to your page. By making use of popular vaping keywords like vaping, e-juice, vape juice, premium vape juice, e-liquid, best vape juice deals, etc which your customers are most likely using to find products suited to them, they consistently increase your exposure on Google and ensure that your rankings continue to rise on the Google charts with every campaign.

The articles are organically written by a team of proficient writers and further edited for quality assurance. As a plus, Ecig Media puts your articles in a multi-tiered linking program to push more backlinks which helps to index the articles much faster and in turn, boosts your keyword rankings in Google even faster. 

Ecig Media has a list of SEO packages that are suited to your brand’s needs, and which are also quite affordable. Their packages range from $300 for 5 vaping guest posts with 10 backlinks, featured on different vaping websites, all the way to $1.50k for 50 vaping guest posts with 100 backlinks, featured on 50 different vaping websites. To get started, you can head over to and choose a package that best suits your needs. 

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