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Cannabis Autumn Checklist- How to Organize your Marijuana Accessories?


As days will get colder, you're sure to feel the burst of inspiration for indulging in an autumn cleaning. You have your yellow rubber gloves, paper towel, buckets, and cleaners together. You even have a checklist that has your to-dos, right from flipping those dust-filled mattresses, clearing the garage off the junk, or cleaning your marijuana accessories.

While decluttering your space may seem pretty easy, a thing that's taking a toll on you is cleaning the cannabis accessories. Well, believe when the experts say that it isn't as difficult as it seems.

All you need to do is stick on to get started with discovering all it takes for cleaning your prized possessions. Let's get going: 

Begin with your Glassware:


Are you thinking of giving your bong, bubbler, pipe, or dab rig a quick clean-up? Well, there's no time like the present. Whether zongs bongs for sale fantasize your decision of buying those in bulk or you're having your guests over, there's no downside to cleaning your glassware.

After an apt cleaning process, you're sure to taste lesser resin, more smoke, and the smoking flower buds will burn evenly. Plus, you'll achieve a sense of pride in displaying freshly-cleaned presentation-ready bowls in front of your friends.  

The most excellent part of cleaning the glassware is its ease. All you've to do is soak in some rubbing alcohol, shake the same with some salt, and pour some hot water. You'll be amazed at how easy and fast it is to clean your glass accessories.  

Move Onto your Jars:

 Talking of glass, your jugs aren't for doing the heavy lifting. These pieces, too, deserve a quick cleanup, especially when these insides are getting hazy.

Try finding your nugs a temporary home, shake the cannabis kief from the bottom a little to save it for later. You can also scrub the jugs in soapy water, or you may throw these into a dishwasher for clearing out the leftover resin. Allow these to dry, and then keep these nugs to the place where they belong.  

Another wise decision can be swapping out your moisture packs, especially if these have been around for a while.

Vape Pens:

Like your glassware, vape pens also work tremendously well, and vaping tastes even better when these are clean.  

For instance, if you're using vape cartridges, take hold of alcohol-dipped swabs and provide your contact plate and battery with a quick wipe down. However, if you have a dry herb vape, employ the same technique for getting a clear and clean screen.

Finally, don't forget to wipe down your screw threads. You can also soak the mouthpiece for cleaning things out.


Final Walkthroughs 

You can also consider cleaning your grinder, your Paraphernalia, and that vibrant-looking cannabis space. Now that your marijuana pieces are drying and your possessions are paring down make sure to open your windows, take all the trash out, and let in some cool breeze. Vacuum away the weed smell from the carpet, couches, and wipe tables off for crumbs.  

Now take a deep breath; it's time to celebrate your accomplishment using a newly cleaned pipe. You made it, and cannabis tastes fantastic!



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