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American Cancer Society Feb. 2018 Statement On Vaping | Freeman Vape juice

American Cancer Society Feb. 2018 Statement On Vaping

The American Cancer Society has been skeptical about vaping for many years now. In a shocking about face, The ACS has released a new statement on vaping. As of February, 2018, the ACS is advising clinicians to guide smokers to switch to vaping if they are not going to use an approved FDA smoking cessation method. The ACS says that it is acting on the body of evidence indicating that vaping is less harmful than smoking. Here is their exact quote.

"Based on currently available evidence, using current generation e-cigarettes is less harmful than smoking cigarettes, but the health effects of long-term use are not known."

This represents a major shift in ACS policy. They still recommend that smokers use FDA approved smoking cessation methods. But for smokers who do not want to use an approved method, clinicians are advised to recommend that smokers switch completely to vapor.

You can read the entire American Cancer Society statement here.

Is The ACS Now Pro-Vaping?

It would be a stretch to say that the ACS is now pro-vaping. They would like to see more long-term studies. And they still prefer that smokers rely on FDA approved smoking cessation methods. But the Cancer Society has their eye on the ball here. The ACS is pro reduction of tobacco harm. They know that it is smoking that costs 7 million lives around the world every single year. If smokers can't or won't quit, the ACS is advising switching to the lowest harm tobacco product possible.

The American Cancer Society is saying that switching completely to vaping is preferable to smoking combustible tobacco products. Of course they do advise quitting all tobacco products altogether.

The recommendations of the Cancer Society do not represent the official FDA position. Nor is Freeman Vape Juice making any of these claims. These views reflect the change in position at the American Cancer Society.

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