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Best Blueberry Flavor Vape Juice | Freeman Vape juice

Best Blueberry Flavor Vape Juice

The best blueberry flavor vape juice for 2019 has been announced. I should know, I am the one who announced it! Sure, I could have held a poll, but I decided to apply some good old fashioned American initiative and just declare the best blueberry vape juice in the business. So here it is. The best blueberry vape is Freeman Maximum Overdrive! Cue the applause.

In all seriousness, in the past we have used polling and testing to make our list of the best tobacco vape juice, the best dessert vape juice and so on. But everybody here knows that I love blueberry and I actually helped craft Maximum Overdrive so they let me go ahead and declare it thee best blueberry e-juice flavor. So, nothing scientific here, this is all my opinion.

Maximum Overdrive is a fruit flavored vape juice and the dominant flavor is the wonderful, majestic blueberry! Along with the blueberry flavor, there are also notes of watermelon, raspberry, and blackberry. Yes, it is a mixed berry blend but the blueberry pops and I think it is the best blueberry e-juice. Especially for VG.

Best Blueberry Vape Juice

Let me tell you the story behind the best blueberry vape juice. We released Maximum Overdrive in the late summer. But the process to make it started the previous winter. We had requests from customers to come up with a new fruit blend. I was adamant about a blueberry VG e-juice for sub ohm vapers and squonkers. The meeting ended with a plan for several blends including a mixed berry and a blueberry flavor.

We can make suggestions but after that we get the heck out of the way. The guys in the lab know what they are doing. They are the ones with the PhDs. Once they start the process, we stay out of it and let the pros do their thing in the lab.

Finding The Right Blueberry Flavor

best blueberry flavor for vape juice including diy e-juice

The first thing they do is to track down the best flavors from the leading American companies. That's because our USA made vape juice is for real. Many discount e-juice brands import flavors and nicotine and then blend the juice in the backroom of a vape shop somewhere and claim it is USA made. Baloney. Freeman Vape Juice is actually USA made.

Once the team finds authentic, USA made flavors, then they start the trial and error process. They come up with multiple blends and then we test.

Testing Blueberry Vape Juice Flavors

When we had a few test samples ready, I loved the blueberry flavors. I could not pick between three of them. But then, they told me to try a blend. At first, I was like no..I don't want a blend, I want blueberry vape juice. Period. But I tried it. I tried the first iteration of Maximum Overdrive and it was amazing.

The other flavors did not hide the blueberry flavor. No, instead the other flavors enhanced the blueberry vape sensation. They explained to me that flavors work together in certain ways and the watermelon and berries actually enhance the blueberry flavor. They were absolutely right. I can to realize the the best blueberry e-juice flavor comes from a blend.

Maximum Overdrive

what is the best blueberry vape juice of 2019

Freeman Maximum Overdrive is a blueberry flavored vape juice that works in magnificent harmony with complimentary fruit flavors. The end result is undeniable. The dominant blueberry flavor is enhanced on the exhale by the other flavors. For example, the watermelon flavor does not overpower the blueberry flavor, but it does elongate the flavor. It's odd how that works! But indeed the watermelon is like hitting the sustain pedal of the blueberry flavor.

Maximum Overdrive features a blend of blueberries with hints and touches of red berries and watermelon. The 80% VG and 20% PG blend is right in the sweet spot for ideal sub ohm vapor. We are talking major vapor and a vibrant flavor profile. Try it for yourself and see why I think this is the best blueberry vape juice.


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