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FDA Invites Public Comments On E-Liquid Flavors | Freeman Vape juice

FDA Invites Public Comments On E-Liquid Flavors

The FDA is considering regulating e-liquid flavors. There are many special interest groups seeking to limit the flavor options available to adult tobacco consumers.  This is about the debate between flavors attracting youth compared to flavors assisting adult tobacco consumers benefit from an abundance of choice.

You can get involved and have your say.

Go To The FDA Public Commenting Page Here

Once you get to this page, read the summary. To submit your comment, click the comment bubble to the left of the summary. A new window will open where you can type your comment and personal information to verify you are indeed a real person!

Commenting Tips

Well-reasoned, non-emotional language will always carry more sway with regulators than any name calling or harsh language. Demonstrate acknowledgment of the concerns over flavors being seen as targeting youth and make your case that flavors help you avoid combustible tobacco products. The FDA is looking for people to tell their story that vape flavors may help adult tobacco smokers reduce cigarette use and switch to potentially less harmful products.

Another tip that the FDA provides for effective commenting is citation of studies. For example, studies that show the most popular flavors for adults. Studies involving teen smoking rates. Many of you know the issues and know the studies. This is your chance to demonstrate your knowledge and make a case to FDA officials who are hearing only one side of the story.

If you hold any expert credentials, please note those credentials.

That's really the bottom line. The interest groups have access. This is our chance to have our voices heard. Tell your story, be well-reasoned and cite data. There is a time limit on the FDA public commenting period so if you are interested in making a comment please do so as soon as you can.

Thank you.

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