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Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 250C Vape Mod Review | Freeman Vape juice

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 250C Vape Mod Review

We have a couple of DNA aficionados working here at Freeman Vape Juice so we thought that we would give you a rundown with a Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 250C vape mod review. The new DNA 250C chip came out a few months ago and everyone has been waiting to see which mods will incorporate this impressive new chip. Lost Vape has taken their Paranormal mod design and put in the new DNA 250C.

The C in the 250C chip stands for color. The display screen has color options. That’s cool but that’s not the real advance in technology here. The real advance is the Replay function and the incredible efficiency. Also, the higher wattages including the capability of up to 300 watts when the 250C is in a quad mod. Evolv, and American company, just finished making and started shipping this chip 2 months ago. As you can tell, Lost Vape acted very quickly to get this new technology into the hands of vapers as soon as possible.

You can buy it here.

Lost Vape has used DNA chips in a number of their mods. What we need to do with the Paranormal DNA250C review is two things. First, we need to tell you about the quality of the mod. Second, we need a deeper dive into the DNA250C chip. That really is the major draw here.

 What we want to do first is give you our ratings and overall score for the Paranormal DNA250 C vape mod review. After that, we will get more into the 250 C chip and then finish off with a few thoughts on how it vapes. Of course, whatever vape you use, the best vape juice is Freeman! How did you guess we would say that;) Anyway, let’s get on with it.

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Review

lost vape paranormal dna 250c vape mod review

The Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C mod is a dual 18650 mod that can be fired at up to 200 watts. You can see some of the style options above. The side panels are removable and interchangeable. Here is a brief look at some of the features and functions:

  • 91.5 mm tall by 55 mm wide by 27.5 mm thick
  • That is 3.6 inches tall by 2.2 inches wide and 1.1 inches thick
  • 1 watt up to 200 watts
  • 200 F to 600 F
  • Color screen
  • New Replay feature that makes temp control easy

What is this replay feature you ask? We don’t know. No one does. It’s a mystery. Just kidding! Okay, this is really easy. Set you preferred temperature control including the firing profile or boost. Now, when you have an amazing hit that you want to repeat over and over, hit replay. The Paranormal DNA 250C will record that exact puff and replicate it perfectly every time. It works and it is awesome.

Cutting straight to the meat and potatoes, our Paranormal DNA 250C review will go step by step through our rating process. We broke the parameters down to six categories.

Build Quality and Durability 9.1 / 10

We have an advantage here. The chassis of the Lost Vape Paranormal vape mod has almost a year of history for us to gauge. We can affirm that this mod does stand the test of time. Sure, it will pick up battle scars but it keeps working. The build quality is excellent. Everything fits beautifully and there are no shakes, rattles, or rolls.

My biggest peeve, and I gave a 0.5 deduction for this, is the location of the 510. I prefer the 510 located at in the center of the mod. That is largely an aesthetic point. With that said, the quality of the 510 is undeniable. The mod will wonderfully accommodate a vast range of atomizers.

lost vape paranormal dna 250c review image of the 510 connection the 510 location is on the corner as opposed to the center

Above is the Paranormal DNA250C review image showing the location of the 510.

Paranormal Mod Function and Feel - 8.3/10

Next to the GeekVape Aegis Legend 200 watt mod, the feel of the Paranormal mod is the best of any dual 18650 device that I have used. The efficiency is off the charts. Wait until you see how much more you get out of your batteries. The difference is noticeable.

The function is very good also. There are not tattles or loose fitting components. The battery door is excellent. I like the button locations and the clickiness. The fire button is perfect for thumb firing. I would like a slightly bigger fire button but big fire buttons are my things! Overall, it is as a solid in terms of buttons and phenomenal for comfort and feel.

DNA 250C Chip   9.5/10

The DNA 250C chip is the best that I have ever used. I would give it a 10 out of 10, but I wanted to leave room for leeway for the perfect vape chip as well as improvements that I know we will see as technology advances.

Listen, I was using some nickel wire when vaping with my oldie but goodie Aspire Cleito. At first, the temp control was a bit jumpy but after loading my preferences in Escribe it was amazing. So reliable and consistent. Remarkably so. The life span I get from pre-built coils is markedly improved vs. other mods. In variable power the responsiveness is outstanding. The DNA 250C vape mod chip by Evolv is the best.

Aesthetic 8.5/10

The Paranormal DNA250C Mod looks absolutely fantastic. Sure, it is a box mod and there is no mistaking it for anything else! But, the myriad of designs and color options along with replaceable decorative side panels are all plus points. I love the contrast between the panels and the soft fabric portion. It adds to the unique look. Underneath there is a decorative ring under the 510 which I am not as attracted to but sure, whatever floats your boat!

Overall, the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 250C is a very attractive device. You can choose from many color options.

review of the dna250c chip from evolv with the new replay feature and escribe customization

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Replay Feature 9.5/10

Is the replay feature of the DNA250C a winner? Yep. Easily! After two weeks of testing for the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C review, I can say with total certainty that the Replay feature is an amazing option that will enhance your vaping experience.

Overall Value 8.0/10

Here’s the deal, when you buy a DNA mod you will pay about double as compared to a similar quality device with a lesser chip. Now, these days the competition has developed some outstanding chips. Geekvape, Voopoo, Vaporesso and others all have very good chips. But a DNA is the Gold Standard. Moreover, it is my opinion that an investment in a DNA mod will pay for itself in terms of more coil life and longer battery life.

Given all of that, I give the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C an 8 out of 10. Again, the only reason that it is not higher is because cheaper mods have some very good firmware, even if it is not DNA caliber. Still, if you want the best, then it is the DNA by Evolv. The efficiency, precision, and customization options translate to full value and then some.

Total Rating For Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Review

The total rating for the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C review is 8.8 out of 10. That is simply an outstanding score indicative of an elite, high-performance device. And now, we will take a deeper dive into the DNA 250C chip.

Evolv DNA 250C Chip

The new Evolv DNA 250C chip boasts the following features:

  • 400 W Max Power (4-cell)
  • 250 W Max Power (3-cell)
  • 200 W Max Power (2-cell like the Paranormal mod)
  • 2 amp charging with dual battery monitoring
  • "Replay" feature (reads like stored power curve with TC)
  • Replaceable high-current fuse
  • Waterproof on board buttons
  • Safety features including reverse polarity
  • Color screen options
  • OTG charging of USB devices

A few things here. The OTG charging of USB devices means that with the DNA 250C you can use your batteries as a powerbank to charge other electronic devices. I should have mentioned that in the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 250C review. I don’t know how often you will actually charge your cell phone with your mod! But it is an option for you, which could be handy in a pinch.

We wanted to include the chip specs as part of the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C review. But just to be clear, while the buttons are waterproof, the mod is not waterproof. The reason that they coated the buttons was to prevent any potential damage from a leaking vape tank. 

The DNA250C is incredibly efficient. When vaping, you will notice the power wind down as your coils dry. It will detect a dry coil and not fire. When you see it winding down, put in some more vape juice! For more, you can check out the full DNA250C datasheet here.

Escribe For Paranormal DNA250C

You will need Windows to download and use the Escribe software. If you have a Mac, Arctic Fox and Parallels are both systems that allow you to use a Windows facsimile on a Mac.

Connect to the computer through USB, make sure you have batteries in it. The number of things that you can customize is overwhelming. You probably will only use a fraction of the options but if you are game, you can pretty much customize every facet of the display and vaping performance.

Download Escribe for the DNA 250C here.

When you go to Escribe, you will see the downloads and there is also a tutorial available. In addition, there are a number of YouTube videos that will walk you through Escribe. If you want a recommended video DJLS Vape Labs does a great job. For the most part, the tutorial and the options are self-explanatory. The first step to take in Escribe is to download date and time and any new software.

Paranormal DNA250C Review Wrap-up

The mod is great. Look, this is really about the DNA 250c. The mod is Lost Vape, a very good quality device. I like the feel, the replaceable panels are cool. It’s terrific. The vaping is amazing. Especially if you like temperature control made easy.

The menu is easy to use, although it is layered. By that you have to go through levels of the menu to get to functions like screen brightness. And then you have to come back through those levels to get to the main screen. It is only three levels and it may seem like a hassle but it is not. In fact, I much prefer it so that you are in a very specific level to manage specific functions. I like the menu system very much. Users can expect to spend some time learning and using Escribe, but that is actually kind of fun, too!

I had a great time doing this Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 250C review! I have been using DNA mods for a while now and have always enjoyed them. My first was a 75 watt DNA device I bought over three years ago and it is still going strong. I seldom use the eScribe features but I do like having the ability to make finite adjustments when the mood strikes me.

By the way, we are offering this mod! Just to be clear, we started selling this mod because we loved it. We would not sell it if we didn't love it. We have 100% authentic models.

Buy The Paranormal 250C vape mod here.




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