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Vape Juice Sizes. How Big Should You Go? | Freeman Vape juice

Vape Juice Sizes. How Big Should You Go?

There are a whole lot of vape juice sizes. Not long ago, it used to be all about 30 ml bottles. Then came the 60 ml bottles. Now you can get 120 ml vape juice bottles, which is awesome. The beauty of 120s is that while they are big, they are still portable and usable on the go. Once you get bigger than 120 ml e-liquid bottles, you lose some functionality. And usually when you buy a bigger size, you save some cash.

If we are going to talk about vape juice sizes we also have to talk about how much you can expect to use and how long vape juice lasts and does vape juice have an expiry date? That only makes sense because if you are using a standard vape mod you might only use 1 or 2 ml of e-juice per day. In that case, a 30 ml bottle of 50/50 vape juice makes sense. Sub ohm vaping at high wattage means that you might go through 10 ml a day. In which case it makes no sense to mess around with 30 ml bottles. It is all relates to the style of vaping.

We will go over some of the different vape juice sizes available and the right size for your style. It is also important to pay attention to the VG/PG ratio and the nicotine content. In fact, let’s start there.

Different Vape Juice Sizes For Different Styles

Standard Vaping

Standard vaping is using an e-cigarette device with an atomizer above 1.0 ohms. The inhalation style in mouth to lung or MTL. This style does not make huge vape clouds but can be satisfying. Standard vaping is typically the choice of new vapers. Because there is not as much vapor produced, the nicotine content is higher than found in sub ohm vaping.

Standard vaping e-liquid is at least 50% PG and the nicotine content ranges from 3 mg up to 24 mg. If using a salt nicotine liquid, the nicotine level may even go as high as 50 mg. For this type of vaping, the vape juice sizes don’t need to be that big. Now, you can still get a deal on larger juice bottles but a 30 ml bottle can last a week or even up to three weeks.

Sub Ohm Vaping


Sub ohm vaping is using a vapor device with an atomizer of less than 1.0 ohms. The power settings are much higher than standard vaping and the vapor production far exceeds standard vaping. Because there is so much vapor, the nicotine content does not need to exceed 6 mg. Also, more liquid is vaporized so more liquid is needed. For sub ohm vaping, larger vape juice sizes make the most sense.

If this is confusing, check out our page on what is vape juice where everything is explained in further detail.

Popular Vape Juice Sizes:

  • 10 ml - typically used for samples
  • 15 ml - this size is pretty much phased out now but it used to be a common size for PG e-liquids
  • 30 ml - a very popular vape juice size, good for 50/50 and PG liquids, also good to try out a VG juice
  • 60 ml - common size for VG e-liquids
  • 120 ml vape juice - the best vape juice size for value and practicality
  • 180 ml - bulk size, will require a separate bottle to carry some with you for refills
vape juice sizes which is best
A 120 ml bottle as seen above can last for a long time and still be practical for daily use.

Bulk Vape Juice Sizes

The advantage of buying bulk vape juice sizes is that you save money. But a big 120 ml or 180 ml vape juice bottle can be bulky for some people to carry around. There is an easy solution to this. Get a separate Chubby Gorilla bottle. Get a 30 ml or 60 ml size to get you through a day or more. Listen, these extra bottles are only about a buck.

Just a note for travelers. You can't take more than 100 ml of e-liuqid with you in carry on baggage. If you have vape juice sizes over 100 ml, those will have to go in your checked bags.

Steeping Vape Juice Bottles

Another thing that I like about bigger vape juice sizes is that it makes steeping easier. When you learn how to steep vape juice, the process can take up to a month. Waiting a month to maximize e-liquid flavor requires patience. As a result, it makes sense to steep a lot of juice that will last you for a while. As a matter or practice, it is much easier to steep a lot of juice in a large bottle vs. going through the process using a number of smaller vape juice sizes.

Vape Bottle Materials

The other thing I should mention is bottle materials. The two bottle materials are glass or plastic. Generally, 30 ml vape juice sizes come in glass bottles. All other e-liquid bottles come in plastic bottles. If we used glass for larger size bottles, the structural integrity is not as strong and can be more difficult to ship and carry. Ultimately, if you like glass bottles your best bet is the 30 ml option.

In terms of plastic bottles, you want to look for Chubby Gorilla bottles. Chubby Gorilla uses high quality plastic, childproof lids, and the bottles are squeezable making it easier for vapers to refill vape tanks. The tips on the bottles are designed to fit top-fill ports and dripper openings.

As for some of the other bottles that are sold on online auction sites, we cannot vouch for their quality. Frankly, you never know what you are going to get. There are so many manufacturers in China and so much of what is on the market is junk. I wouldn’t put kitchen cleaner in some of those plastic bottles never mind vape juice. By all means, stick with known brands that have earned a reputation for quality.

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