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Vape mail ban

Vape mail ban

Here we go again. 90 days left.

The vape mail ban has passed, thrown in between a huge unreadable document for covid relief funds.

Essentially this would ban all shipments of vaping products by the US Postal Service. Additionally it will force all other postal delivery services (such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL) to check IDs and obtain the signature of an adult at points of delivery.

Requiring adult signatures at point of deliveries would naturally present its own set difficulties, as most deliveries happen during business hours when the majority of adults are at their place of employment.

Additionally, one must bear in mind that deliveries by private carriers are already more costly than deliveries by the USPS. Therefore besides being more time consuming and burdensome, the procuring of signatures will also add additional costs. Therefore if the bill goes into effect, the cost of online purchases of vaping products could increase by as much as $20.

So for example, you might be paying as much as $40 bucks for one bottle. 

Due to all these factors, some private carriers may decide to stop shipping vaping products altogether. Additionally, once the USPS stops delivering the products, the other carriers may be even directly or indirectly be pressured by anti-vaping entities to stop the service themselves.

 U.S. President Donald Trump, is not expected to be in opposition of the proposed measure and the House is expected to cast their vote on the bill by July 20th. This gives vapers two weeks to voice their opinions and send their comments about S 1253. 

First, the law itself is called, "The Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act". If that doesn't clue you in as to what it's about, Section 2 of the bill is entitled (caps theirs), "NONMAILABILITY OF ELECTRONIC NICOTINE DELIVERY SYSTEMS".

That section explains that the term "Cigarette" will be re-defined in the PACT ACT to include "An Electronic Nicotine Delivery System". The PACT ACT is a pre-existing law that already bans the USPS from shipping "Cigarettes" to consumers - all consumers, not just those without valid adult ID.

The "Preventing Online Sales" Act further defines "Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems" this way:

The term 'Electronic Nicotine Delivery System' (A) means any electronic device that, through an aerosolized solution, delivers nicotine, flavor, or any other substance to the user inhaling from the device; (B) includes (i) an e-cigarette; (ii) an e-hookah; (iii) an e-cigar; (iv) a vape pen;(v) an advanced refillable personal vaporizer; (vi) an electronic pipe; and (vii) any component, liquid, part, or accessory of a device described in subparagraph (A), without regard to whether the component, liquid, part, or accessory is sold separately from the device;

Back in November 2019, The Senate proposed a bill under the name of S-1253. This would bill ensures a total United States Postal Service Vape Mail ban. Here is everything you need to know, including how to fight back.

A Cruel Blow At A Tough Time

Due to Covid-19, online vape sales are at an all time high. Many online retailers have seen a huge spike in sales since many states see vaping as a “Non-essential” business. Vape mail is at an all-time high across the country.

The bill not only has an effect on the consumer. Many websites and companies have contracts with the Postal Service, which allow them to offer special rates. 

 S-1253 would cut ties with the Postal Service all together for these big websites.

This again hurts the consumer. But it also takes a toll on the United States Postal Service, whom amid the current business climate has been struggling for years. This comes as one more nail in the coffin of a struggling institution that employs over a hundred thousand American workers.

The biggest consumer blow will come to people who live in rural areas.

We suggest doing the following.

Sign this petition

Mail donald trump with the following note

I am writing as a concerned voter urging you to remove language in the omnibus budget that would ban USPS from shipping vapor products. This legislation is not simply enacting an extra layer of accountability for companies that ship nicotine products; it will prohibit the USPS from delivering any of the lifesaving vapor products that millions of Americans rely on to live smoke free. Adding insult to injury, many small businesses depend on shipping via USPS to make ends meet.

While some people will still be able to receive vapor products via private carriers like UPS and FedEx--for a time--these companies do not serve all Americans. Packages going to rural areas or neighborhoods deemed too remote or dangerous are outsourced to USPS. For the USPS this is a much needed revenue stream. For many people who used to smoke, receiving smoke-free vapor products is a lifeline. Without access to safer alternatives, these vulnerable communities will be left with less effective alternatives and continue to see cigarettes as the most accessible and the most popular tobacco product in the world.
Please remove the vape mail ban in the 2021 omnibus budget.

Also, call and/or email the white house comment line at (202) 456-1111 , switchboard at (202) 456-1414 If you want access to your vapor products
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