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Vape Spitting? How To Stop Spitback When Vaping. | Freeman Vape juice

Vape Spitting? How To Stop Spitback When Vaping.

Is your vape spitting? That’s annoying! Getting spitback in your mouth when vaping is no fun. There are a few things that can cause spitback and we will cover those. Also, there is a lot that you can do about spitback and we will cover that as well. Not all of these remedies will work. Sometimes, a coil is just worn out and needs to be replaced. But, quite often, spitback can be fixed.

I have to say something real quick. The person who does the artwork for Freeman Vape Juice actually likes spitback! Can you believe it? Anyway, it is better to avoid a vape spitting. Having warm or sometimes hot e-liquid in your mouth is not what vapers want. Let’s start at the beginning and then get to work to solve this problem.

What is spitback?

What is spitback or a vape spitting? A spitting vape is when excess e-liquid in the coil bursts from the coil, up through the mouthpiece, and into the vaper’s mouth. Spitback is instantly noticeable as the liquid in the mouth. The flavor and nicotine will leave a strong sensation. If vaping at high wattages, the liquid may also be hot and uncomfortable.

A vape spitting is most often a sign that the vape juice has overly saturated and flooded the coils. When you fire the atomizer, the vapor coming up through the flooded juice makes the liquid spit and jump up the chimney and through the mouthpiece. Spitback liquid can be hot and uncomfortable but usually it is just annoying to taste the raw liquid in your mouth. I know, I said that twice now. But it is true!

So I am obviously not a fan of a vape spitting. In order to stop the spitback menace, we need to know what causes spitback. While there are a number of causes, the number one culprit is a flooded coil.

Flooded Vape Coils

stop vape spitting and flooded atomizer coils

Flooded vape coils are a nuisance! Not only can you get a vape spitting but you will also get a gurgling sound, less vapor, and sometimes less airflow. After a vape has been sitting all night, it is quite common for the first few hits of the day to have some gurgling and spitback. This is because overnight the liquid can seep into the coil. Usually, after a couple of vapes the flooding clears up and you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day.

Sometimes, coil flooding is more persistent. There are a number of reasons that an atomizer coil might flood. A failing or defective coil can also be the cause of flooding and spitback. If the coil is not fully heating or insufficiently heating then not enough vape juice will be vaporized. That will lead to flooding and vape spitting.

If you make your own coils, check to ensure that it is heating evenly and uniformly. If there is a dead spot in the coil that can cause vape spitting. If you notice a dead spot in the coil, it may be time to build a new one or at least make sure you have enough wick. If you are using pre-built coils, spitback and flooding may mean that it is time for a replacement. But before you replace the coils, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot a spitback problem.

Stopping Vape Spitting

The first area to troubleshoot to stop vape spitting is to tackle any flooding issues. How can you get rid of flooding? One of the quickest ways to handle spitback is to temporarily increase the wattage or temperature until the flooding and gurgling stops and then go back to your normal vaping temperature. This fix will handle flooding and spit back most of the time!

  • Temporarily increase the wattage to vaporize any excess e-liquid.
  • Once the gurgling and spitting has stopped, go back to your preferred power setting.
  • Never exceed the manufacturer’s recommended wattage settings.

Another problem could be that the atomizer is not getting sufficient power from the battery to fully heat because the contacts are compromised. Make sure that coils are secure and that the contacts are secure and connected. From time to time, it is a good idea to swab and clean the contacts with isopropyl alcohol.

A failing or defective coil can also be the cause of spitback. If the coil is not fully heating or insufficiently heating then not enough vape juice will be vaporized. That will lead to flooding and vape spitting. Defects and failures require replacement.

Finally, some vape tanks just spit! There are tanks that have anti-spitback features or longer chimneys to help avoid a vape spitting. But ultimately, occasional spitting may just be something to bear from time to time.

Other Causes of Spitback

Other causes of spitback can almost always be traced to a leak or defect that is causing the atomizer to flood. This is not always the type of vape leaking that you notice outside the tank. The leak may be internal into the atomizer. A defective or worn out O-ring may allow excess vape juice to seep into the atomizer. Check and replace the O-rings if you are getting persistent flooding even with new coils.

Gravity can cause flooding and spitback. If a vape is left on it’s side or upside down, vape juice can leak into the chimney and mouthpiece. The first vape from a device that has been upside down can lead to a mouthful of juice! Take some quick, short puffs until the flooding is subsided.

Vaping at too high of a wattage can also cause spitback. Cloud chasers often have to deal with a vape spitting because of the amount of vape juice that they are vaporizing in an instant. Cloud chasing set-ups with ultra low resistance atomizers are usually designed to reduce spitback.

Spitting may also mean that changing vape juice is required. Another common cause of spitback is using the incorrect vape juice that is not designed for a particular vape device. For example, a PG e-liquid will be too think for a sub ohm vape.

E-Liquid Too Thin

A vape juice that is too think can over saturate a coil designed for sub ohm vaping. Freeman’s guide to ‘what is vape juice’ contains all the information for what types of vape juice are required for different types of vaping. Vaping a PG e-liquid with an atomizer with a resistance of less than 1.0 ohms will cause spitting. Make sure you are using a VG e-liquid when sub ohm or temperature control vaping.

That’s it for our guide to fighting back against spitback! To sum it all up, here are the key points once again:

  • A vape spitting is usually caused by atomizer flooding
  • Spitting often happens in conjunction with the gurgling sounds that indicate flooding
  • Temporarily increase the wattage setting to vaporize any excess juice to handle spitback
  • Make sure your coils heat evenly
  • If spitback is persistent, it may be time to replace the coil
  • Check O-rings and contacts
  • Make sure you have the right vape juice for your device
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