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why vape pod system

High Resistance Vape Pod Systems - Why Would You Want One? 

Assuming that you haven’t had your head in the sand, you’ve probably noticed the growing number of vape pod systems on the market. What started out with the Juul has rapidly expanded to include dozens of different products from virtually every vape manufacturer. If you haven’t already jumped on the hottest trend in vaping, you’re probably asking yourself… why would I want a high resistance pod vape?

To start with we suggest this kit

The answer isn’t a simple one, and vape pods certainly aren’t right for everyone. One of the primary reasons people are switching to vape pod systems is that they’re ideal to use with nicotine salt e-liquid. So why would you want to use nicotine salts? Here are some of the benefits: Benefits of Nicotine Salts - Increased satisfaction: Nicotine salts MAY cause users to feel more satisfied. Research from PAX Labs (maker of the Juul) shows that nicotine is delivered more efficiently in salt form than in the more commonly used free-base form.

The research is questionable, but nicotine salt e-juice DOES contain significantly more nicotine, which is bound to increase satisfaction. - Smoother with less throat hit: One of the biggest benefits to nicotine salts is that you can vape higher concentrations of nicotine without the extreme throat hit or harshness associated with traditional e-liquid. This is ideal for beginners who need higher amounts of nicotine to help them quit. - Less consumption / lower costs: Because you can vape nicotine salt e-liquid more comfortably and effectively, you’ll need less of it to achieve the same satisfaction. This means less juice consumption and less frequent coil replacements.

How Vape Pod Systems Are Different Vape pod systems are ideal to use with nicotine salts because they’re typically low powered and use high resistance coils. With concentrations of nicotine as high as 50mg, the last thing you want to do is blast the wattage and blow huge clouds with a nicotine salt-based e-liquid. As the name suggests, vape pod systems use replaceable “pods” rather than tanks.

The idea is to keep them as simple and straight-forward as possible for beginners; and they operate much like first generation cig-a-likes. Some systems are “open” (or refillable), while others are “closed” and require prefilled replacement pods. Every aspect of a pod system is designed for beginners, but that hasn’t stopped experience vapers from using them as backups – or switching completely. These are some of the pros and cons: PROS: + Simple and easy-to-operate
+ Compact and affordable
+ Ideal for use with nicotine salt e-liquid
+ Authentic MTL experience
CONS: - Limited vapor output
- Low capacity batteries - may require frequent recharging
- Very little control or customization options
In Summary… Designed to be simple and easy-to-operate, vape pod systems are undoubtedly perfect for beginners. Much like the first generation cig-a-likes of the past, many of them are inhale activated – or simply require the press of a button. They’re also great when you’re on-the-go and need something compact, discreet and effective. If nicotine salts are of interest to you and you’d like to reduce your juice consumption and costs, then an e-cig pod system is certainly a great option.

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