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The Sub-Ohm Vaping Tanks made by Geekvape gained their fame in the demanding vaping industry for their robustness and innovative build. Each vaporizer e-liquid tank designed by Geekvape stand for exceptional vape quality and deliver only the best vaping experience. It’s not going to be an easy choice to pick the optimum sub-ohm tank fit for your vaping needs, but be sure that whatever advanced vape tank you are about to pick, it will generate the most irresistible flavor and mind-blowing amounts of vapor. Ready-made coils or hand-built, the Geekvape coils (sub ohm resistance) use an upgraded and optimized atomizer heating system, and the best design to deliver an outstanding vaping outcome on each vape session. Forget about e-liquid leakage on your sub-ohm tank, ‘cause it’s not going to happen on Geekvape’s watch!

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