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Cherry express

Welcome aboard your new adv, Cherry Pie with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. 

Customer Reviews

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Cherry is amazing as is all your juice.

William K
Not a favorite

Decided to try a few different juices in my last order
This was okay but dont see myself ordering again
I'm a dessert junkie and when I saw a custard offering I jumped at it. I get no custard at all and the cherry flavor is that of a cough syrup/candy, not fresh cherries you would find in the market

william sultzer

Thought it would be more fruity. Discovered it to be more of a pastry/cereal taste.

Robert Albert
Freeman cherry express

Such a tasty cherry juice it’s a must for cherry lovers
Freeman is top notch juice and vape company
Thanks freeman 👍👍👍👍

Serge M.
One of Freeman's Best

First tried in a Vaporesso NRG-S tank with a SMOK V8 Q2 coil and it was good, although the cherry part was rather faint.
Put it into a GeekVape Zeus XII Mesh RTA and it instantly turned into an ADV!

The cherry is very prominent at 44W, the flavor being closer to a well-baked cherry pie or croissant than the raw fruit, of course. The sweetness is well judged, with just a hint of tanginess. Very natural flavor, not cloyingly sweet or perfumy like many of the e-liquids on the market. Higher wattage brings out more of the pastry side; it's still about the cherry at the forefront.

With nine mods and a few pods I have but few ADVs and tend to jump from flavor to flavor every dozen puffs. With Cherry Express I can go on for hours with the same tank, it's that smooth and satisfying!

Kudos to the Freeman crew on a job well-done!

P.S. PIFed an NRG-S tank with a GT2 coil and a bottle of this to a broke co-worker (a die-hard GeekVaper on a strict fruity juice diet) and told him to stick to 55W. He went through half the bottle in less than a week!