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Freeman Minted is a refreshingly cool and creamy flavor. A mint chip milkshake treat that will hit your sweet spot every time.

Customer Reviews

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Dennis Hatfield

Love this vape. Maybe add some mango. Mmmmm

Delaney Stevans
Mint, not menthol at all!

I hate menthol products and hate it when something claims to be mint and is menthol instead. This is not it! Actually minty and actually chocolatey without being too saccharine. Somehow the juice isn't overly dark either so it's not too hard on your coils either. I haven't vaped anything else in literally a year because I can't bring myself to.


Love minted it's definitely one of my favorites just like a mint shake

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Hugo Bossallini
Just like at the diners without all the sugar

Pass me a straw please. Minted by Freeman takes his classic milkshakes lineup and then flips it with some fresh minty goodness and chocolate. The mint is by no means of that fake generic tasting mint. It tastes like legit fresh off the stems mint leaves. The chocolate is there without taking over the entire flavor profiles and balances well with the mint and the creamy shake and let me tell you, it is a smooth chocolaty mint experience thrown into a perfectly blended creamy milkshake. Another great juice from the Freeman milkshake line. So pull up a chair at a table or sit by the counter and order up a tall mint chocolate milkshake - you won't regret it.

John P
It’s good but it can be great!

It’s a good juice with a ton of potential. If you can accentuate the chocolate and mint flavor or make a special addition like you did for your Jungle/Jungle King, it would be out friggin standing! Good stuff! Keep it coming!