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Homecoming strawberry and rice pudding has quickly become a favorite. Freeman Homecoming is a strawberry sweet vape combined with the rich, creamy smoothness of rice pudding. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 158 reviews
Becky Bourque

Wonderful flavor! Sweet, but not too sweet. Great adv. Will keep this one in rotation!

Excellent Rice Pudding Taste

Strawberry taste is weak, but the Rice Pudding is spot on, both on inhale & exhale. Definitely will get more on my next order.

it's great

I really like the flavor.. One of the best stawberry flavors I've had

Hope B.
You've stolen my business forever

I used to frequent a tiny mom and pop vape shop near my old house. They knew me by name, and I was willing to pay through the nose for their in house flavors. When I moved, I was sad and thought I'd have to just go there whenever I took the 4 hour drive back to keep getting the flavors I loved so much. I have nothing I could ever say negatively about Freeman. Every juice flavor I have tried has been superb (homecoming has been my favorite), and the prices are BEYOND fantastic. The first time I ordered from here, one of the bottles of juice I had ordered was missing. I fired off an email saying so, and the next morning I got a shipment notification. I figured they were just sending me the missing juice and I was happy, but they also included a free bottle with. It was a very pleasant but unnecessary surprise. You can TASTE the love that goes into every flavor they craft. If I could give 10 stars I would. Freeman has my loyalty and business as long as I remain a nicotine addict and they remain open. (hopefully forever) cannot recommend this lovely company highly enough. It doesn't FEEL like shopping online at a bulk retailer. It feels like your hometown vape store where you have inside jokes with the staff and everyone knows your name and the flavors you like.

Kristina Hitchcock
Not great, not horrible

I didn't enjoy this flavor. Not as bad as some I've tried but not something I would purchase again.