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Jungle King

Jungle King is my #1 flavor!!! It is SO GOOD! I like to try some of the other Freeman flavors that are also yummy, but always must have Jungle King on hand.

Straight coffee
Joseph Williams

I love it, tastes just like coffee! Add a little cream flavor and it would be awesome.

Maximum Overdrive

Can't say more. Love this fruit Vape

Martin Newcomb
My favorite dessert flavor

Very good. Good combination of coconut and cookies into one flavor. Been vaping for 5+ years and this is got to be my favorite in this category.

Hmmmmm.... this flavor is not my fave.. (I don't normally go for fruit btw)

This wasn't my fave on first vape. I am not a fruit vape person. I LOVE Trailblazer and the new Coffee. This one was meh for me. It doesn't have that sweet tang that I was looking for. It is a true grape - it reminds me of a bite of a green grape. Kind of grassy and airy if that makes sense? Not intense at all for me. I am vaping on a Twister with a dual coil. The flavor may be different on a different vape. I gave it 5 because it says straight Grape and it is. I just would rather have a sweet, kool aid flavor.

Tastes exactly as described. Wonderful

I have to have a mint vape or ice once in a while. And this was perfect. I saw it was new, so I thought I'd try it. I am very happy with this candy cane . And with your prices. I'm hoping and praying you won't have more trouble with the red tape A HOLES. I am 70 and I like my candy flavors. We can all go back to smoking and our kids can start smoking too.Great idea. Brilliant.Good Luck. I always see your E mail alerts

Straight coffee

Awesome coffee flavor. This is my ADV hands down. Just the perfect flavor any time of the day. There aren't words for how much I love this juice!

Clint Rodgers


Great Coffee Flavor

This is just what it says, Straight Coffee. Very nice unbitter black coffee with a bit of sweet taste. I really enjoy it and it mixes very well with Ruth's Loot for a chocolate flavor. Also great on its own! Super happy with this new flavor as I don't vape much fruit, mostly tobaccos and coffees. Thanks for just a good basic vape that mixes or vapes alone well!

Black coffee with a hint of sweet

If you love a good strong coffee then you'll love this one otherwise skip it. Personally I'm a fan of black coffee and Freeman did a good job on this if they could just do a clove flavor one day. :-)

Cherry express
William K
Not a favorite

Decided to try a few different juices in my last order
This was okay but dont see myself ordering again
I'm a dessert junkie and when I saw a custard offering I jumped at it. I get no custard at all and the cherry flavor is that of a cough syrup/candy, not fresh cherries you would find in the market

Straight coffee
Markita Preston
I love Straight Coffee!!

I think I just found my new go-to! It has a great flavor. It's not over bearing, nor is it weak. I get just the right amount of flavor in each hit. It's kind of a non-bitter coffee taste. Meaning not sweet, but not bitter if that makes sense!

Good but not great

Decent juice, but description was wrong. I didn't know it was menthol. Did not want menthol. And no offer from Freeman to make it right.

Becky Bourque
Strapple is awesome!

It has become an adv for me! I have 3 tanks rotating right now and it is staying in one of them! I will absolutely have to order more!!

Straight coffee
Amanda Geels
Nice sweet coffee flavor, smooth and satisfying!

I have tried other coffee flavors from different companies and always found them artificial and strange. This one is good. It is straight up coffee with sugar. Don't let that put you off if you are a black coffee fan, it is yummy! I ordered two more and am vaping this flavor all day.


Love it! The pink Lemonade is amazing!

I purchased Two for EDC!

The Smok Nord 50w is versatile and user friendly. Battery life is impressive for its size and capable of super fast charging (type C fast charging but any type C works). Overtemp protections and waterproofing , puff counter and pass through charging. The many coil choices avaliable (.2 , .4 , .6 , & 1.4 ) provide exceptional flavors and vapor production for an all day satisfying vape. All around I am Very satisfied! Nothing new really when dealing with Freeman! Always exceptional products , liquids, shipping, & customer service! ( customer since 2017 )

CoilArt Magik
Neil Langston

Good flavor!

Solid no frills Coffee vape

This is a great black coffee with just the slightest hint of sweetness, like my favorite truck stop pot of coffee with a packet of sugar. Good for DTL but really shines as a hot, cloudy MTL hit.

It's also a great mixer with Ruth's Loot or Cococaine if you like sweet, chocolaty coffee drinks. Try a 3:1 or 4:1 sweet vape/coffee blend and thank me later.

Strawb lights
Izmir Jackson

Awesome light flavor. not as heavy as some others.
It's always good to switch it up.
This is the only brand of vape juice I buy.

Straight Watermelon

Freeman has hit the nail on the head with this one, simply yummy!! I ordered 30 bottles!!

Great Taste

Any of the pod candy juices have great flavor, I’ve tried a few and this may be my favorite. Freeman vape is absolutely great as usual!

Candy Cane
Candy cane is great!

Love it! My new favorite!

Fall spirit
William K
Fall Spirit

Finally a true tart apple flavor that tastes like the actual fruit and not candy. The Caramel is there and could stand a bit more flavor but taste is subjective
If you want a true tart apple flavor i recommend

Debi Meinwieser


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