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Ginger House (Tobacco Free Nicotine)


Dark and gingery, this is a recipe you will fall in love with. The warm gingerbread has a savory-sweet sensation, if you have ever had gingerbread cookies warm from the oven you know exactly how this tastes like. Topped with white Belgian chocolate, it will make for the best holiday treat.

Tobacco-Free nicotine is the next generation of flavor and purity.  It is a revolution in vaping and you are the first one to try it.  

100ml bottle.

What are the benefits?

– Dramatically reduced odor and harshness profile.

– The flavor takes the center stage.

 – Base starter material is not derived from tobacco.

– All ingredients purchased from accredited suppliers.

– Manufactured to exceed USP and EP grade requirements.

– Verifiable synthetic ‘S’ and ‘R-S’ nicotine signatures.

– More satisfaction.

Customer Reviews

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Gary L.Herren
Outstanding flavor

One of my favorites, it's really hard to choose a favorite, I think I've tried just about all of Freeman's and all are very good, thank you very much

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