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HorizonTech Falcon King Vape Tank Review | Freeman Vape juice

HorizonTech Falcon King Vape Tank Review

The HorizonTech Falcon King vape tank review follows a day of vaping at a vapor product expo. Horizon was kind enough to let me preview and test the Falcon King while I toured the show. Better yet, they let me test it over three days. As a result, I was able to test the new coils and see if they really last longer as Horizon claims. Much vaping occurred over those 3 days to say the least! let's start.

The original Falcon tank proved to be incredibly successful. Vapers love it because of the excellent vapor and incredible flavor. The Falcon is a flavor tank. In fact, reviewers like DJLSB vapes rate it as the best flavor tank. After the Freemax Mesh Pro review, I still have that as the best flavor tank but the Falcon is right there. Certainly in the top two or three flavor tanks. The Falcon King is designed for even better flavor. I did the Falcon King review to put that theory to the test.
I am going to get into all of the details, but for those of you who only have a few minutes here is the verdict. The Falcon King is a brilliant flavor tank. It may be the best. The coils showed no sign of slowing down over three days of heavy vaping. The vapor production is excellent and the build quality is outstanding. The HorizonTech Falcon King earns our hearty recommendation for any vaper who wants a vibrant, flavorful vape. Like all vape tank, you get the best flavor with Freeman vape Juice! Shameless plug. But seriously, if you haven't tried Freeman juice it is a must. Okay.

Horizontech Falcon King Vape Tank Review

We gave you the broad strokes of the Falcon King review and now we get into the details. The Falcon King is a 26 mm diameter tank constructed of stainless steel with wide bore drip tip. The new top fill feature has a push button release. The user pushed the button, the top flips open, refill with your favorite vape juice, which is Freeman of course, shut the door and keep vaping. I loved the push button top fill. It works beautifully.

The tank is a total of 59.5 mm tall and the bubble tank has a 28 mm diameter with a 6 ml vape juice capacity. The improved dual airflow is smoother and direct the air through the heart of the coil. The extended height of the coils enhances flavor by reducing chimney length. Overall, an excellent design.
HorizonTech uses bamboo fiber coils as opposed to organic cotton coils. They tell us that the bamboo is the secret to their superior flavor performance. I don;t know the science on how that would work but I do know the results. And the results are amazing flavor so I would suggest that bamboo is indeed an excellent wicking material to convey flavor.

HorizonTech Falcon King Review Specs

Time for the Falcon King review specs. The total height listed includes the 510 connection at the base of the tank.
*NOTE: The Falcon King will work with the original Horizon Falcon coils.
Stainless steel construction
  • 59.5 mm tall
  • 26 mm diameter
  • 28 mm glass tank diameter
  • Push button, flip top fill
  • Wide bore color matched drip tip
  • 510 connection
  • Dual bottom airflow control
The Falcon King comes with:
  • Falcon King vape tank
  • M1 Mesh Coil
  • M Dual Coil
  • Spare glass tube
  • Spare O-rings
  • Falcon King user manual

New Falcon King Coils

HorizonTech released two new Falcon King coils. Please note that the original Falcon coils will work in the Falcon King tank. For my Falcon King review, I vaped the M1 Mesh coil. These new coils are designed to be longer lasting than the originals. And much longer lasting than competitor coils. I detected no sign of reduced performance over the course of testing. I believe that is enough evidence to attest to the fact that the new Falcon King coils are improved and longer lasting.
The other new coil is the M Dual atomizer coil. Both use bamboo fiber wicking material.
  • M1 Mesh Coil - 0.16 ohm mesh coil. Rated for 75 watts.
  • M Dual Coil - also a mesh coil. resistance is 0.38 ohms. Rated at 80 watts.
The recommended wattage is the sweet spot for vapor and flavor. But for the HorizonTech Falcon King review, I did a slow break in of the coils. I recommend that users do the same. It only takes about half an hour and it will extend coil life. To break in a coil, prime the wick, assembled and fill the tank, and then wait ten minutes for the bamboo fiber wick to fully saturate. Start vaping at 35 watts. After two vapes, increase to 40 watts. Repeat this until you reach the recommended 75 or 80 watts.

Falcon King Review Summary

Falcon King review summary ratings:
  • Build quality - 90
The build quality is excellent. All connection thread together excpetionally well. Precision mechining and engineering. There are no leaks. The airflow section is well designed and smooth.
  • Ease of use - 92
Changing vape coils is easy thanks to the build quality. Easy to change and refill vape juice especially with the push button top fill.
  • Airflow - 85

The airflow does seem improved and smoother. There is some noise with restricted airflow but most of the time vapers will use with a more open flow.

  • Vapor Production - 80

This is a tough one to score because the Falcon King is not made for cloud chasing. In terms of the vapor production for a flavor tank, the vapor production is excellent. For the Falcon King review, vapor production is not the priority because this tank is about flavor. Though the vapor production score is in the average range, it is still awesome especially for a flavor tank. So take this average rating with a grain of salt.

  • Falcon King Flavor Performance - 95
This is the near the highest score I have ever given for flavor. In fact, given that the falcon King is a flavor tank, this score along with build quality are the most important ratings. Therefore, in calculating the overall grade, I am going to count flavor twice to give a more accurate final grade.
For the record, I was using Freeman Vape Juice for the Falcon King review. Freeman uses the best vape juice ingredients including finely honed flavor recipes. Typically, Freeman brings out the best flavor performance in any vape tank. But with that said, the ratings are developed in comparison to competing devices. Consequently, the higher rating for the flavor performance should apply to other vape liquids as well.
  • HorizonTech Falcon King final grade rating - 90.
That wraps it up! The King is a masterful flavor maker. While you are here, make sure to check out the latest Freeman vape flavors and special offers.
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