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How To Change Vape Juice

January 24, 2018

how to change e-liquids

Changing Vape Juice In Your Tanks and Builds

This is pretty easy although there are a few steps to keep in mind. How to change vape juice starts with swapping out your cotton or coils. If you don’t, your new flavor will be altered by residual traces of the previous e-juice that you were vaping. For example, if you were vaping a menthol vape juice and want to switch to a coconut cookie flavor, well if you don’t switch the wick you will probably end up with a cookie menthol flavor! Now, that could be interesting. But it’s not the flavor you want.

Let's get into the nuts and bolts. How to change vape juice depends on what you are vaping with. If you are using and RDA or RBA with your own coil build, then switching your cotton wick is pretty much all it takes to accomplish the task of changing e-juice. In fact, that is one of the beauties of using your own DIY atomizers. It is easy to change vape juice just by switching the wick.

If you are vaping with pre-built coils you have two options when changing e-liquids. You can put in your new juice and let the new flavor mingle with the old. The new flavor will be prominent but you will taste traces of the old flavor. The old flavor should fade away after a while but the residual taste of the previous vape juice flavor may remain for the duration of the coil's lifespan.

If you don’t want any trace of the previous flavor, you will need to swap coils and rinse out the vape tank before filling with your new vape juice flavors. Just remember to prime your new coil and once you assemble and fill the tank, wait a good five minutes before vaping. You want to wait and make sure that the cotton wick is fully saturated.

We are going to cover how to change vape juice. That’s the Cole's notes version of how to change vape juice. For more details feel free to keep reading.

How To Change Vape Juice With Pre-Built Coils

how to change vape juice in a few easy steps

How to change your vape juice when using pre-built coils? Your best bet to enjoy the new flavor without tasting any residual flavor from your previous vape juice is to change the coils. Empty the tank and rinse it out. Put in a new coil. Prime it with the vape juice you are changing to. Assemble the tank. Fill the tank and wait five minutes. Enjoy vaping your new flavor!

But I Just Put In A New Coil

I know this happens. If you have only been vaping on a coil for a few days and want to switch flavors, you don't want to throw away a perfectly good coil, right? No! And you don’t have to. Store it in a sealed sandwich bag until you go back vaping whatever flavor you were using with it. 

What if I am never going to use that flavor again?

If you are going to change vape juice and swap out a coil with no intention of ever using that juice again, then you might have to sacrifice a coil. The other option is to just keep vaping the new flavor on the same coil. The residual flavor may never completely go away but it will dissipate over time. Your new flavor will be the dominant flavor.

How to change vape juice and clean the glass tank.

When you are changing vape juice in a vape tank, it is a good idea to rinse out the tank with warm water. You don’t want the water to get into the base of the tank so make sure to separate the tank components and just rinse out the glass part! After rinsing, dab it dry with some paper towel.

When changing vape juice, it is also a good idea to take a little vape juice and moisten the o-ring or silicon seal on your tank. I know, it seems like a lot. But it really does not take that long. We’re talking a matter of minutes. The goal here is to totally change vape juice and get rid of the previous flavor so you can fully enjoy your new vape flavor. 

Changing Vape Juice In An RDA

An RDA is a rebuildable drip atomizer. This is a vape device with an atomizer deck to build your own coils on. There is no tank that contains a reservoir e-liquid. Instead, e-liquid is dripped directly onto the wick and atomizer as needed. After every few vapes you drip on some new e-juice. It seems like a hassle to always be dripping new vape juice onto the atomizer but dripper's love it.

How to change vape juice in an RDA is really easy. All you need to do is swap out the cotton. Before changing vape juice in a RDA coil build, you have to get rid of the old cotton wick. The former flavor will still be there and mix with the new vape juice unless you totally get rid of the old wick.

When you pull out the old wick, you will notice some cotton fibers and juice residue still on your coils. Burn off the excess cotton and e-liquid remaining on the coils. Do this by setting your mod to 15 watts, that’s all that is required. A few three second atomizer firings should do it. Wait at least 15 minutes so the base and coils cool. Then remove the base from the mod.

Now what you need to do is put in a fresh cotton wick, prime it, drip, and vape on.

How To Change Vape Juice With An RTA or RBA

An RTA is a rebuildable tank atomizer. In a nutshell, it is a cross between a vape tank and RDA. It has a rebuildable atomizer deck like an RDA but it also has a small reservoir of e-liquid somewhat like a vape tank.

An RBA, or rebuildable atomizer, is a component of a vape tank that allows the vaper to switch from pre-built coils to a rebuildable deck. So you can do both, either use pre-built coils or build your own. Tanks like the Smok TFV8 and TFV12 are examples.

How to change vape juice with an RTA or RBA is the same as an RDA. Take out the existing cotton and set your mod to 15 watts to burn off any residual e-juice. Wait 15 minutes for the atomizer and base to cool. Remove the atomizer base from your vape mod and insert a new strip of fresh cotton wick.

Before assembling the RTA cap or vape tank, rinse out the cap or tank with warm water. Dab dry with a paper towel. Then prime the wick, assemble the device, and fill with vape juice. Attach to your mod and commence vaporization! Enjoy your new flavor.

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