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USA made vape juice


We have blended the best value USA made vape juice. All ingredients sourced in America. We are authentically American. Authentically Freeman.

usa vape juice

Freeman Vape Juice was made for the wild rebels who are not interested in following convention. You make your own destiny. Freeman vapers forge their own path. While we may do things a little differently here, we never compromise on quality. All of our hearty, rich e-liquid flavors are perfected and manufactured in our very own state of the art facility. Our USA made vape juice cuts no corners and leaves no detail behind.

People want USA made vape juice because it offers a sense of reassurance of quality. The made in the USA label creates a sense of trust. That’s good but let’s remember a wise lesson learned long ago. Trust, but verify. You want a USA made e-liquid that is not only made in America but has ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers in the United States. Process is everything. A quality e-liquid needs to be made in an ISO8 certified clean room. Blending vape juice ingredients is a job for professionals. At Freeman, our way is to not compromise. No shortcuts. We demand perfection with consistency. For us, the made in the USA label means something. We consider the made in America label to be a responsibility, a commitment to not compromise on quality. It means we do it right, we work to earn you trust. And we work to do our part to make our country proud of that label.


Usa source vape juice

A lot of vape juice companies make the “made in the US” claim. But do they actually source all of the ingredients in the USA? With Freeman, you don’t even have to ask. All of our premium quality ingredients are sources in America. You got it. We are the real deal for USA made vape juice.

All of our VG, PG, and nicotine are made by America’s best and most trusted suppliers. We very carefully vetted and tested all of our suppliers. That includes our sources for flavoring. We know every ingredient in our flavor additives and accept only the best. Nothing else would be acceptable. 

We know every ingredient and exactly where it comes from. Nothing is left to chance. A few years ago, a study showed that many e-liquids did not contain the amount of nicotine described on the label. That does not happen with us. We don’t “wing it”. We nail it. Every time. Each 120 ml e-liquid bottle is consistently blended with the best USA sourced ingredients. We worked hard to perfect our recipes and you can count on our devotion to excellence and consistency.


cheap vape juice

A lot of folks ask us how we can offer impeccable quality juice at such a low price. The answer is simply we make a lot of it! We make a lot of it and we offer it to you in 120 ml eliquid bottles. Go big or go home. We operate on a large scale and we pass the savings on to you. That’s how it should be.

Our goal is to make cheap vape juice while at the same time making the best juice. It can be done. We are proving it every day. That’s the American way to compete. Do it better than the other guys and give our customers the best deals in the business. We wouldn’t have it any other way. 


The men and women of vaping all want USA made e-liquids and vape juice. But the USA label does not always tell a tale of quality. Sadly. There are many e-liquid makers out there who don’t have a clue what they are doing. They source the cheapest ingredients, often from less reputable overseas suppliers. Who knows what’s actually in some of them. And they don’t blend in a professional lab setting. 


You deserve a lot better than that.


 USA Made Vape

You don’t want USA made vape juice that someone mixed in ol’ Grandpa Scurvey’s dirty bathtub. We are all for the do it yourself spirit but some things need to be done right. And vape juice is something that needs to be done right. For us, putting that made in the USA label on our products is an honor that we uphold with an unapologetic dedication to quality. 

Freeman 120 ml vape juice is blended to perfection in a cutting edge lab. Our standards are higher than food industry standards. The mixologists working their craft in our labs are true professionals. Degreed chemists who know what they are doing and know quality. We do USA made vape juice the right way. 

Trust but verify. That’s what it comes down to with USA made vape juice. The made in America label is a good sign, but look deeper and sometimes you find outsourced ingredients or a sketchy manufacturing process. With Freeman, you can rest assured that we do it right and you will vape the difference. 


Freeman USA made vape juice is built on tradition. The made in the USA label is too often exploited by those seeking to turn a quick buck. We are not going to stand for that. To us, the USA made label is something to be restored to past glory. To a time when we made stuff in this country. Not only made it, but we innovated. We always worked to make it better and to do it right.

Made in the USA should not just be a gimmick. It should be a symbol of dedication to our unquenchable lust to be the best. To take pride in any product that we put our name on. It should be an homage to the pursuit of greatness. Not for the money, not for the fame, but to be able to proudly stand and say “I made this. I am proud of what we made. Tomorrow, I will make it even better”. That’s who we are.

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