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How our vape juice is made


Believe it or not, there is some controversy about how vape juice is made.

At Freeman, there was no debate. None. How our vape juice is made is without compromise. Vape juice is something that is ingested. There was never any doubt that we are going to do it the right way. 

Given the current climate of vape juice brands and manufacturers regularly compromising production standards, there was no way we would entertain for a nanosecond farming out our production process. Besides, we had a definite plan of controlling every aspect of production so that we could offer 120 ml e-liquid bottles to our customers for jaw droppingly low prices.


Making top-quality vape juice starts with having the right facility. We chose to exceed every available standard. We started by building our own ISO8 lab facility right here in America. Then, we brought American chemists and professionals aboard. Quality, purity, and safety are the guiding principles and at Freeman, we went all in.


An ISO8 lab facility is a secure, clean room where particulate matter is filtered out of the air.

Industry leading standards is what we stand for.

Anyone working in the lab wears a lab coat, hairnet cap, booties, gloves, and a mask. No contaminants are given any opportunity to get inside the lab. ISO8 is among the highest possible standards and means. Air filtration removes microscopic particles ensuring a contaminant-free space. 

A proper ISO8 lab space cannot be just a sealed door and a filtration system. You can’t just put in a filter in the ceiling and claim to have a clean room. The entire air distribution system and flow has to be properly designed and maintained. Clean rooms are rated by the size of particulates that are filtered out of the air. ISO 8 is among the highest standards possible.



Freeman’s 30 ml and 120 ml vape juice bottles are hermetically sealed and wrapped. The bottles are not unsealed until they are inside the clean room. Once unsealed and ready to be filled by our Filamatic motor driven high speed filling machine. The Filamatic is fast and accurate. Incredibly accurate. Once a bottle is filled and sealed with a childproof cap, it will leave the clean room and move to the next stage, labeling. Each bottle is stamped with a Julian date for tracking. We know the details of every batch produced on any given day. The labels are applied and then shrink wrapped sealed. 


Freeman Vape Juice is truly USA made. All of our ingredients are sourced in America. We use only the best ingredients. Our vegetable glycerin, VG, and propylene glycol, PG, are from leading, reputable US companies. The nicotine that we use is laboratory grade with the highest purity. The flavoring is top of the line.


There is how vape juice is made vs how vape juice is made the right way. We make it the right way. Freeman’s independent American lab, degreed professional chemists who love vaping, and using premium ingredients are all recipes for better, more enjoyable vaping. But how do we bring it all together?

Every batch of Freeman Vape Juice is made to exacting standards. In fact, way above industry standards. Here is an example. Let’s look at the nicotine levels in e-liquids. Independent testing has shown that the industry standards for nicotine content are accurate to an average of plus or minus 5%. Now a 5% inaccuracy may be okay for some vape juice brands, but it is not something that we will ever tolerate. Not on our watch.

Independent lab testing has shown that Freeman liquids nicotine content is accurate to 0.5%. That is 99.5% accuracy. That is excellence.


Every batch that we produce is meticulously tracked and tested. You can count on consistency. If you order a 120 ml bottle of any Freeman vape flavor, when you order it again next time it will be exactly the same. Everyone who works in our lab takes pride in every bottle of Freeman Vape Juice we deliver to our customers.

How do we use only the best ingredients blended by degreed chemists working with state of the art equipment in a cutting edge ISO8 clean lab and still offer such low prices? We make large batches for one thing. That helps give you a better price. Next, because we do everything ourselves, we do not require any third party contractors. We do it all. That means lower cost for us and a much lower cost for you. Excellent quality at amazingly low prices. 



Steeping e-liquid allows ingredients to fully absorb and become infused with the flavoring. The vaping is more enjoyable and the flavors more vibrant when an e-liquid is aged and matures. Steeping is accomplished by storing an e-liquid in a cool dark place and leaving it untouched.

Steeping brings out the best possible flavor and makes the vapor experience that much more enjoyable. At Freeman, our consideration is for our customers. We want you to love vaping our juice. We cover all of the bases. Freeman Vape Juice is pre-steeped for at least three days before we ship it. 

At Freeman, we know how to make vape juice. We do it the right way every single step of the way.