Vape Juice Ingredients Guide

Vape Juice Ingredients Guide
Vape Juice Ingredients Guide

Vape juice ingredients are generally pretty simple but some of the flavorings can have long, sciency type names. For example, what is C7H8N4O2? It is thebromine. Sounds scary, huh? Well, actually it is simply the naturally occurring chemical found in cocoa that gives chocolate its distinct flavor. How about ascorbic acid? That’s just vitamin C. And get this, some e-liquids contain dihydrogen oxide! Also known as water. We don’t want to get side-tracked here so let’s keep it simple and real.

We want to tell you about vape juice ingredients and we will keep it as brief as we can. We just want to make sure that you know what you are vaping and know how to be an educated e-liquid consumer. At Freeman, we are very proud of our e-liquid ingredients and fully transparent. We think that every company that is proud of its e-juice should be equally transparent but that’s not up to us. What we can do is be transparent and accountable to you, our customers.

So take a few minutes and get to know what is in e-liquid. Find out about how different vape ingredients react in different e-cigarette devices. Learn the difference between PG and VG. Find out which vape juice and nicotine level is right for you.


There are four basic vape juice ingredients.

What’s in vape juice: 

Vegetable glycerin is more informally known as VG and propylene glycol as PG. Both of these compounds are what makes the vapor. There are distinct difference between how PG and VG vape. In a nutshell, PG has a stronger hit and more flavor where as VG is a milder hit but more vapor. As a general rule of thumb, vape juices that have more PG that VG work best in basic e-cig devices and juices that have more VG than PG are designed for more powerful sub ohm mods.

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol

Vegetable glycerin

Vegetable glycerin





The nicotine in your vape juice should be of the highest purity and derived from reputable sources. Freeman Vape Juice uses all USA sourced ingredients including the highest purity nicotine.

Vape juice flavoring ingredients depend on the flavor. At Freeman, we find that simple flavor recipes work best. It’s all about the right amounts and combinations. We source our flavor ingredients from the best US based suppliers.


Vegetable glycerin is a clear and odorless liquid that comes from plant oils. Typically the palm plant. It can have a slightly sweet taste and vegetable glycerin, or VG, is sometimes used as a sweetener in foods. VG is found in foods, medications, lotions, and cosmetics. Because of the popularity of vaping, VG is now probably best known as a vape juice ingredient! But in reality it has been used in a number of daily products for many years.

VG is made by putting the oils under tremendous pressure with water. The pressure causes the glycerin to separate from the oil and bond with the water. The end glycerin product has a texture similar to oil when the process is finished.

In vaping, VG is used to create large clouds of vapor. VG does not carry flavor as well as PG nor does it have as strong a hit, but it sure does make a lot of vapor! 


Propylene glycol, or PG, is an organic, synthetic compound made by synthesizing it from a sugar alcohol. PG has been used for over a century in a number of applications. One that you will probably be familiar with is stage smoke. Stage foggers use PG to pump in fake smoke as a special effect for live entertainment. This has been going on for a century and much study has been done on both short-term, and long-term exposure. The CDC found that PG can irritate eyes or skin in some people but no long-term effect on health has been noted. The effects of PG in vaping is currently being studied.

PG is used in a vast number of everyday products including foods, shampoo, toothpaste, medical inhalers, and a lot more. 

As one of the most common vape juice ingredients, PG is known for a strong hit. That is a strong throat-hit, which is the sensation that you have inhaled something. PG is also an excellent carrier of flavor. PG does not make as much vapor as VG.


The amount of vapor vs the hit and flavor all depend on the ratio of VG to PG when vaping. As the vape juice ingredients that actually make the vapor, the ratio of VG and PG in your e-liquid makes a big difference in your vaping enjoyment. Ideally, you want a ratio that combines maximum vapor with satisfaction and flavor. Here are some of the common VG / PG ratios for e-liquids:

  • 70% PG 30% VG - strong throat hit, made for basic ecigs
  • 50% VG 50% PG - for more vapor from basic, beginner vapes 
  • 80% VG 20% VG - made for today’s popular vape devices
  • Max VG - made for cloud chasers and high powered devices

Vape juice ingredients with more PG than VG tend to be made for basic e-cig devices with atomizers with a resistance well over 1.0 ohms. When using an e-liquid that has 50% or more PG, you will use a higher nicotine content that you would use with a VG e-liquid. 

A Max VG e-liquid is made for high powered devices. Max VG is all about the biggest possible cloud of vapor. A 80% VG and 20% VG blend is the ratio of choice for most of today’s vapers and devices. An 80/20 VG/PG vape juice will have a nicotine level of 0 mg to 6 mg. Because of a large amount of vapor, 6 mg will be as much nicotine as you need.



Does vape juice have nicotine? That depends! Yes, for the most part, vape juice and e-liquids contain nicotine. You can get zero nicotine vape juice for non-nicotine vaping. It is up to you. The nicotine level in an e-liquid is displayed on the label. But, you should be informed and forewarned that there is a possibility that your e-liquid nicotine level could be mislabeled.

A recent study in Utah found that many e-liquids that they tested did not have the nicotine level that was claimed on the bottle. This happens when an e-liquid is made by people or a company that does not know what they are doing and do not have proper facilities. Vape juice needs to be made by professionals.

The industry standards among the most reputable e-juice makers is that the nicotine level should be within plus or minus 5% of the level stated on the label. A 5% error rate is not bad. 

Of course, at Freeman we have much higher standards. Tests have shown that Freeman Vape Juice nicotine levels are accurate to 0.5%. We are ten times more accurate than the industry standard.


The nicotine in e-liquid should be of the highest purity. The are some shady nicotine suppliers overseas. Not all nicotine is the same!

 At Freeman, our nicotine is sourced from the best American labs. It is of the highest purity. We have degreed chemists working in our lab ensuring purity and accuracy. 

The amount of nicotine in e-liquids is reflected as a measure by volume. 

  • A 6 mg e-liquid represents a blend that contains 6 mg of nicotine per 100 ml of e-liquid 
  • Reflected in percentage, a 6 mg e-liquid is labeled as 0.6%


The flavor ingredients in e-liquid is where things can get a little tricky. It is vital that your vape juice be made in a professional lab setting by professional chemists. Here’s why. The companies that make flavoring are allowed some proprietary leeway when listing flavor ingredients. Buying flavors from a random source, looking at the ingredients on the package and then assuming you know what is in the finished vape juice product is not good enough. Understanding the flavors in vape juice ingredients requires professional attention.

Furthermore, it is equally vital that any company making e-liquid know who they are buying their flavorings from. At Freeman, we do not farm out any aspect of our vape juice production process and we source flavorings from the best American suppliers. No imported mystery flavors here!

Freeman vape Juice is tested and tracked. We know exactly what is in our e-liquids. Every bottle is pre-steeped for at least three days to ensure that the flavor is integrated and balanced. And when we say we use only the best vape juice ingredients, we back it up. All of our vape juice ingredients are sourced in the USA. With Freeman, you can fully enjoy a truly USA made vape juice.