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How To Get More Vapers To See Your Product

How To Get More Vapers To See Your Product

Ecig Media is the right solution for any and every brand that is searching for an effective way to diversify its advertisements and still keep everything in check and running smoothly. It can be challenging to get your products seen, and the even greater challenge comes when you need to keep track of all of your advertisements at once, then there's the money required to purchase the minimum amount of advertisements needed for your products to be featured across a multitude of sites. 

Ecig media, all the way from Fair Haven, NY, USA, can easily place your ads over a couple dozen different, unique, and popular websites. They provide superb customer service and affordable prices on their advertisement packages. Read on to get to know just how Ecig Media can help get more vapers to see you. 

As a vape advertiser, Ecig Media knows just how to advertise in the vaping industry, and quite unlike most random marketing agencies, they know just what works in the vaping industry. Since 2008, Ecig Media has been able to generate over $12 million in vape-related sales via their in-house publisher websites. 

Thanks to their incredible reputation in the vaping industry, Ecig Media has been able to combine all of the top vape-related publishers under one platform. By bringing all of the top vape-related publishers under one roof, Ecig Media can easily manage your marketing campaigns from one place. It is now possible for you to reach thousands of vapers through the Ecig Media network. Ecig Media grants you access to over 200 million impressions every month. 

Let's talk about how exactly Ecig Media can use all of this to your advantage.

By harnessing the powers of display advertisement and influencer marketing, you get to not only advertise your company directly on the Ecig Media publisher websites, but, with retargeting, you also get to re-engage with customers and visitors virtually anywhere on the internet. You gain a side-by-side presence with other products in reviews, blog posts, and deals. You also get to develop a repertoire with enthusiasts and personalities in the vaping community that can build on your brand’s reputation and presence.


Even for a brick-and-mortar store, with geo-targeting, it is easier for you to reach out to your offline customers online using the Ecig Media network that comprises vapers and smokers from all over the world. No matter how great or small the area may be, this ensures that you reach the customers closest to you so you are always in business.

To get started, you just need to set a budget, provide the creatives (banners), and leave the rest to the Ecig Media team. Nonetheless, you are still in full control of your campaign at any time.

It does not stop there, Ecig Media also provides SEO services specifically suited to your business. They write reviews in the form of articles, usually about your products, and then insert backlinks leading to your page. They make use of popular vaping keywords to increase your exposure on google. They also make use of a multi-tiered linking program to push more backlinks which helps to index your articles much faster and boosts your keyword rankings in google even faster, and we all know that more visibility equals more customers. 

A solid advertisement campaign goes a long way to make a lasting impression. It's about time you also join the largest vaping ad network on the planet and get your product in front of the faces and into the hands of the customers that you designed them for. Get started today by visiting the Ecig Media official website. 

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