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Discount Vape Juice

cheap vape juice

 How can you get discount vape juice? A lot of e-liquid brands will offer a bulk deal where you can get a discount if you buy a whole bunch of bottles. Forget that. That’s penny ante. The best way to get cheap vape juice is to go big but pay less. That’s right. Get more and pay less. That’s how you do the hard-core discount vape juice deals of the century. 

At Freeman Vape Juice, we go big. And because we do, you get all of the savings. Our 120 ml vape juice bottles cost less than most of our competitor’s 30 ml bottles. We are dynamiting a whole new path to a better vaping value for our customers. We are not messing around. 

 Freeman Vape Juice was conceived by old-school American entrepreneurs with a fierce independence streak. We came to compete and win for all Freeman vapers. Mediocrity is not accepted in any form or fashion. Not in terms of quality and not in terms of production. At Freeman, we insist on premium quality at the lowest prices. We make a lot of juice. Big batches and big bottles! As a result, we can offer you a cheap vape juice deal on an exceptional quality USA made e-liquid. 

We came to compete and win.


cheap vape juice

Our discount vape juice doesn't equal cheap vape juice. 

There are other cheap vape juice deals out there but some of them are importing ingredients and farming out the production. That’s not the best way to get discount vape juice because while the price is important, after all, it’s your money, quality is still number 1. Quality is first and foremost. At Freeman, we have found a way to combine premium quality with a cheap vape juice price that keeps the wild vapor billowing and your money in your pocket.

All of our ingredients are sourced from the leading American suppliers. No imported ingredients or flavors. No mystery ingredients. Only the best vape juice ingredients. Others may make the same boast but we back it up. We take no short-cuts when it comes to impeccable quality. At Freeman, we may be a band of unconventional renegades but what really makes us different is our commitment to excellence without compromise.

 We just are not the compromising type. You do not have to compromise to get a cheap vape juice deal. Not anymore. You can get premium quality, USA made and sourced e-liquid, made in a professional ISO8 lab for a ridiculously low price. 

Get Freeman

Our competitors may hate us, but our customers love us. That’s all we care about.


The way you shop for vape juice is about to change. Big time. How big? Like 120 ml and 240 ml big. We got cheap e-juice 120 ml bottles for the same price as our competitors 30 ml bottles. This begs the question. Why would you pay more for less? If a train left Pittsburgh traveling at 85 miles per hour going to Detroit, would you pay more for vape juice? Of course not! 

That is like the easiest math question ever.

Deal of the century

Freeman’s discount vape juice deals of the century. Buy your e-juice in bulk. Get 120 ml vape juice bottles for the same price, or even less, than 30 ml bottles. Get two Freeman Vape Juice bottle and get 240 ml of e-liquid. That amount of juice could last you for months. This is buying bulk in a new way.

Normally, when you go and buy in bulk you are saving maybe 20%. You buy a three pack of serial and pay less per box than you would at the corner market. Makes sense. 

But how would you like to save a lot more? Of course, you answered yes. 

Well, Freeman has run over the traditional bulk model with a steam-roller on top of a tank on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

How’s this for some bulk buying math. Get four times as much e-liquid for the same price you pay for a 30 ml bottle. That’s 4 x. That’s 400%. That’s like buy one get three free. You are so winning on the math. 

Cheap premium vape juice can be done. We just did it.


Freeman’s discount vape juice offers are the real deal. You don’t have to buy a specific number to get the best price. You don’t have to jump through any hoops. Our vape juice deals are our everyday prices. No tricks and no gimmicks. And no strings attached. 

If you look at other cheap vape juice offers, you know there are usually strings attached. Like a cheap deal on clearance e-liquid. Well, their e-juice is in a clearance bin because nobody wanted it. There’s probably a reason for that. At Freeman, we don’t have a clearance sale because one, all of our flavors taste and vape amazing so people buy it as fast as we can make it. And two, no clearance bin price could ever beat our regular price.

The best part of Freeman Vape Juice, however, is the quality. The dazzling flavor and robust vapor. We don’t want you to buy Freeman Vape Juice because it’s cheap, we want you to love it. That’s why we found a formula that is premium quality that let’s you save big time.


best ejuice

Don’t be surprised if the competition for the cheapest vape juice heats up. A lot of companies are going to try and match our price. But can they match our quality? We say, bring it on! You see, we did not start out to make a discount vape juice. We got into this to make the best juice. Then, we developed a model so that our customers can enjoy premium vapor at an unbelievable price. 

Here’s how we did it. And this is why we beat our competition. We started out with belief. A knowingness that we could do something better than anyone else and give our customers the win. We believe that as long as we are working and competing with you in mind, we can’t lose. Put customers first and everything else will become clear. That’s what happened. 

 At Freeman, we have total, 100% self-reliance. We do not need to use someone else’s lab to make our juice. We built our own and we built it better. Our team includes professional chemists, who also happen to be passionate vapers! That self-reliance is your advantage because we do not require the services of anyone else to make top-quality USA made e-liquid. That means you can pay less and get more without compromising on quality. 

At Freeman, we have total, 100% self-reliance
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