Quick Hacks To Improve Your Winter Vaping Experience


The winter weather is daunting for more than one reason. You have to deal with freezing temperatures, cold winds, and snow and rain. These factors affect your lifestyle in many ways, and your vaping sessions are not an exception. It is natural to worry about your device turning cold or your vape juice freezing. Fortunately, you need not do much to deal with winter vaping woes. A few quick tips are enough to get the most out of your sessions during the season. Let us share a list of some quick hacks you can rely on.

Keep your device battery warm

The harsh winter temperatures can take a toll on your device battery. Exposure to cold temperatures can lead to a drastic reduction in battery life. Make sure you keep the device warm and go the extra mile with storage. When carrying your vapekit for an outdoor session, tuck it in your pocket snugly rather than packing it in a bag. Ideally, you must take along your charger on the go because you will have to recharge the device more frequently.

Protect your vape juice from freezing

While vape juices are not likely to freeze into a solid mass, you must still protect them from the weather. Sub-zero temperatures can interfere with the consistency of the product, which can affect your experience. If the vape juice becomes too thick, it can even gunk up the device tank. Store your supplies in a warm place during the cold months. Never leave them in your car or outdoors.

Experiment with flavors

Experimenting with flavors can take your vaping experiences to the next level in any weather. But it gets even better when you are cooped indoors during cold days and snowy evenings. Investing in a fresh new DOT Go vaping kit is a good idea as you can explore a range of flavors to match your taste buds. The best part is that these are available in disposable versions, so you have to worry less about storage in the cold weather.  

Adapt your technique

Experts recommend that you adapt your vaping technique in the chilly weather. When cold air moves through the device as you inhale, it does not heat as much as you expect. You have to take longer pulls to get the desired results. But it isn't a great idea as longer draws cause your batteries to work overtime. There is a good chance of batteries dying down faster. Try to go low and slow with your pulls to get more with less.

Avoid sharing your vape

Another practical tip you must follow this winter is to avoid sharing your device with your gang members. Puffing and passing is the worst thing to do in pandemic time, as you need to stay safe from the virus. Be sure to follow the relevant precautions during your vaping sessions this winter. Avoid large gatherings and steer clear of sharing your device with anyone, no matter how close they are.

Winter vaping can be as enjoyable as your summer sessions, provided you follow these tips and tricks. Show love to your devices and supplies, and do the needful for safety to have the best time this season.