Is it safe to vape without nicotine?

 Is it safe to vape without nicotine?

Vaping is considered to be one of the best methods to quit smoking, though it also contains nicotine extent too. Having even a little amount of nicotine to satisfy cravings is going to be much more helpful. It is always recommend using nicotine to quit smoking. However, there are some cons too of using nicotine vape. When you're trying to quit smoking, the best way is to start from a higher nicotine level and then working yourself down to NO nicotine to get rid of nicotine dependence.

Ingesting nicotine vape juice can be very harmful. The stigma behind nicotine is very dangerous due to the combination of toxic chemicals like arsenic that is found in tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping without nicotine is the consuming of vape juices that contain little or no nicotine amount in it. Most vaping flavors come with a nicotine-free option. Vapers use this option to eliminate and lessen their cravings for nicotine. These juices are usually more flavorful because nicotine tends to have a "peppery" taste. The substance acts as a stimulant in small doses and as a depressant in large doses. However, the dangers of traditional and typical smoking extend beyond nicotine. The presence of tar, carbon monoxide, and other harmful chemicals makes smoking a health hazard. Indeed, the tar that is contained in cigarettes tends to coat the surface of the lungs over time and result in various forms of cancer.

On the other hand, vaping is devoid of these harmful chemicals and offers vapers the excellent option of removing nicotine from their vaping content. Most doctors now agree that vaping is safer than smoking; with some experts expressing that e-cigs can be up to 95% safer.

One of the best things about vaping is the consumer's ability to choose the nicotine level in e-juice. And obviously, usage of non nicotine vape juice is an option too that can help to get rid of traditional smoking. Several vapers begin vaping to wean off nicotine until they reach zero nicotine content. Some people continue vaping without nicotine even after weaning off. Some use both nicotine and non-nicotine juice. And then, as crazy as it may seem to some, some vapers have never used nicotine at all. For sure, someone might be allergic to some of the ingredients, but that's just a danger of having an allergy, not specific to vape juice. Many users believe that if they stick to these vape products, they would only be inhaling harmless water vapor but that's not true. The truth is, the other significant chemicals found in e-cigarette liquid, flavorings and aerosols are not safe for health and can prove very harmful.


Advantages of Nicotine-Free Vaping:

 Some of the benefits of nicotine-free vaping are listed below:

Smoother vaping experience:

 Most consumers agree that nicotine-free vaping provides a much smoother and fresh vaping experience. It is the perfect activity for a downtime session that does not involve harsh chemicals that are present in cigarettes.

 Less throat hit:

 The throat hit is the feeling that a smoker or vaper feels towards the back of their throat or lungs when vaping. Therefore, nicotine-free vaping causes decrease in throat hit and also lessen the associated health risks.


  Non-nicotine vape juice is drug-free

Make no mistake about it; nicotine is a drug! It has a psychological effect on you and this isn't just about addiction. Although the severity of nicotine's effect is debatable and often exaggerated, some of it's real and using it does have side effects. Of course, if you were to choose this option for religious reasons, your fellow believers may not understand that your clouds are drug-free.

It's safer than smoking. That's a no-brainer. And it's probably more reliable than vaping with nicotine. Without that, you may vape way more than you would with nicotine. Or you may vape less. Who knows? What is known is that nicotine is not the only thing in vaping that comes with risks. Even other ingredients like diacetyl, which may be in the e-juice, could still be present despite nicotine being absent.