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Message regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) from Paul Freeman

Message regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) from Paul Freeman

We don't want to panic anybody, but we take the responsibility to inform you about the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation and some prevention methods you can implement yourself.
Some of these suggestions might seem extreme, but seeing what is happening in Europe and now on our soil, it's required for all of us to do our best in protecting our country.
That being said here are some cautionary measures, as well as always keeping yourself informed from
  • Avoid crowded areas where you are exposed to direct contact and/or interaction with a large number of people, such as public gatherings, queues, high traffic areas, recreation areas.
  • Avoid touching surfaces that are commonly touched by other people, such as rails, handles, or access buttons etc.
  • Don't share Cartridges/Vape Devices with others.
  • Clean and sanitize your device after each use.
  • Make sure, after using public transportation, that you have cleaned your hands before touching your face, nose or mouth.
  • Wipe off mouthpieces regularly. Your cartridge comes in contact with many surfaces while in use, in your pocket and when laying on a table. Wiping the mouthpiece off with a clean towel or disinfectant wipe will greatly reduce your risk of exposure to potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Limit your use of banknotes and coins by opting for card/phone payments or online payments.
  • Opt for work from home, as far as you have this opportunity offered by the employer.
  • Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after any contact with a potentially contaminated surface.
  • Use paper towels, preferably, to wipe your hands.
  • Frequently disinfect, with alcohol or chlorine solution, the surfaces you come into contact with, both at home and at work.
  • Ventilate the rooms where you work several times a day.
  • DO NOT drink liquids from the same glass/glass with other people and do not use the same cutlery.
  • Protective mask / surgical mask protects those around you, if you have flu or cold symptoms, as it prevents the virus from spreading through the respiratory tract.
  • The protective mask must completely cover the nose and mouth of the person wearing it.
  • Note that in all cases, infection with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is noticeable through specific symptoms (cough, fever, difficulty breathing).
  • The virus can be spread even by healthy people who are not aware that they are carriers of the new coronavirus.
  • Avoid, as a priority, exposure of the elderly (over 65) and those with low immunity/diseases associated with other people with flu or cold symptoms, in crowded areas or areas with dense human activity.
  • Stay home if you have flu or cold symptoms (cough, fever, difficulty breathing) and call your family doctor for advice, do NOT go to the emergency department for the first time.
  • There is a risk, if you are a carrier of the virus, to transmit the new coronavirus to others as well. It is preferable to stay at home, and the transfer to the hospital should be organized, in compliance with all isolation measures.
  • If you are in self-isolation at home, strictly follow the recommendations of the authorities. Do NOT leave your home in any way during the 14 days, do not receive visitors and do not get in close contact with any persons who provide you with food or products.

Take care of your loved ones, keep safe in these times. We will make it trough. God bless America!

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