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Homemade Vape Juice Does It Save Money?

There are a lot of do-it-yourself, innovative people in the vaping community. Vapers like to build their own coils, even make their own mods out of everyday household items. In addition, homemade vape juice is also popular. While we respect that, there are some issues with trying to figure out how to make vape juice at home. There is a lot to be aware of. And some concerns that vapers should be aware of.

We will look at how to make homemade vape juice, and whether or not it's even worth it. E-liquid prices have dropped in the past year and a half. Other than the self satisfaction of pursuing do it yourself angle, making vape juice at home doesn’t really save a whole lot of money anymore. The fact of the matter is you can get professionally made vape juice cheap. In fact, you can get the best vape liquid cheap from Freeman. We are always offering new flavors and special offers. More on that later. Moving on.

When you make homemade vape juice you start with a list of e-juice ingredients. You're going to need vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and flavoring. Where do you get these items? Most DIY e-juice enthusiasts get these vape liquid ingredients off of eBay. This is where you will likely run into some problems. Perhaps especially with the flavors. But let’s start with what is in vape juice.

What Is In Vape Juice?


Vape juice, e-juice, and e-liquids all refer to the same thing. They are just different names for the fluid that is converted into a vapor by an electronic cigarette device or vape mod. What is in vape juice? The ingredients in vape liquid include:

  • Vegetable glycerin (VG)
  • Propylene glycol (PG)
  • Nicotine
  • Flavoring

VG and PG are both common substances used in everyday products like toothpaste, medications, foods, and more. In e-liquid, the VG is the substance that generates large plumes of vapor. While the PG does not makes as much vapor, it is essential to carry the vape flavoring. Nicotine is a stimulant and has been deemed addictive. Adult tobacco consumers choose vaping instead of getting their nicotine from Marlboros or other cigarettes. The flavoring in e-juice is food grade.

In terms of volume, the PG and VG make up about 90% of the volume of the liquid. The nicotine and flavoring comprise about 10% of the total volume.

Well that was easy. By the sounds of it making homemade vape juice should be a snap. But hold on. Things are not what they appear. Just one layer below the surface, making vape juice at home gets real complicated real quick.

Make Your Own Vape Juice - Problems

Where can you get the ingredients to make your own vape juice. For example, start with nicotine. There are places online where customers can buy liquid nicotine. But is it pharmaceutical grade? It is hard to tell. Many of them do not even have MSDS date for their products. Before attempting to make vape juice at home, you also need to know the solution strength and trust that it is correct. After all, unless you have a fully functional lab in your home, you have no way to test anything. Buying liquid nicotine is a risk. There are no two ways about it.

Buying Vg and PG is much easier. Both are available online at eBay and other sites. You can even buy a pre blended 70 / 30 VG / PG liquid, which makes it easier for making e-juice. But once again, without independent lab reports it is hard to truly gauge the quality. Many of the cheap VG and PG liquids found online are imports with no assurance of purity or quality.

The easiest part of how to make vape juice is obviously the flavors. Just buy some food flavors and add it to your homemade vape juice. No problem, right? Wrong. Flavors are the hardest vape juice ingredient to select for DIY e-juice projects. Without a lab, a chemist, and testing equipment it is difficult to determine if there will be any diacetyl in your vape juice because of the flavoring. . Again it's going to be hard to tell because although flavor manufacturers have to list ingredients, they don’t have to list ALL of the ingredients. Flavor recipes are allowed to retain some proprietary secrecy, even on ingredients label. As a result you never really know where all the ingredients are.

Where To Get Flavors For Making Vape Juice


I realize that so far I have not been encouraging when when it comes to homemade vape juice. Yes, we sell vape juice so we have a vested interest in you buying ours rather than you making your own e-juice. But that is not why I am sounding alarms. There is genuine cause for concern that the ingredients for vape juice may not be suitable. It honestly requires a professional lab to make e-juice properly.

There is a way to get flavors for making vape juice at home. If you still want to make homemade vape juice, please at least get your flavoring from a vape juice company. Buying a vape juice flavor from an established company is probably not going to cost you any more than if you bought it on Amazon or Ebay. But at least you'll be getting a flavor that is made for vape juice. A flavor that has been vetted by an experienced company. You're still not going to have a lab, or clean room, or an ideal method of blending ingredients precisely, but at least you'll have a flavor what is meant for vape juice. So please at least do that.

I know! We all have a cynical side. You're probably saying “Freeman is just saying all these things to scare people off of making homemade vape juice.” We don’t sell flavorings. We only sell vape juice as a finished, pre-steeped product. Nonetheless I would encourage you to buy e-liquid flavoring from our competitors in the e-liquid business as opposed to buying from sketchy sources on online auction sites.

Obviously I want you to buy Freeman Vape juice. But I'm also telling the truth about the risks of vaping homemade e-juice. Freeman was founded on doing things right. We got our lab space, we got chemistry PhDs who vape, and we went to work to make a better vape juice. It was a grueling process. But we really want to do it right. And we did. And our vape juices are cheap, too. We don’t have crazy mark-ups. So you can get cheap vape e-juice professionally-made right here. That way you don’t need to worry about the hassles of making homemade vape juice.

How To Make Vape Juice

Let’s say that all of the sourcing issues have been solved. You are ready to make vape juice in your own home using only primo ingredients sourced from suppliers you trust. Now what?

Folks, it is not easy to determine how much of each ingredient goes into the blend. For example, the purity of the nicotine makes a big difference. Some of the imported nicotine's may claim 100% purity, but often times testing shows that they are nowhere near that level of purity. Even if they are, how do you figure out how much nicotine to put in homemade vape juice?

  • Construct a room with a vestibule for entering and exiting the work area.
  • Control the air circulation and the room and install ISO8 filters to keep out contaminants.
  • Put on lab clothing including coat, mask, surgical cap.
  • Obviously a DIY e-liquid is not going to made to these standards.
  • Most of the vapers who make homemade vape juice do it on the kitchen.
  • They use a syringe to measure the amount of each fluid.
  • Use a vape juice calculator to figure out the e-juice nicotine level you need.

A vape juice calculator can help you determine how much of each ingredient put in your blend to get what you want. For example if you want an 80% VG 20% PG e-juice with a 12 mg nicotine level in a 120 ml vape juice bottle, how much of each is put in? Is the nicotine in a PG base? If yes that will change the calculation. I can’t give you a surefire formula. There are too many variables.

Homemade Vape Juice - The Last Word

Making your own e-liquid at home is an attractive endeavor for the vaping hobbyist However, it's best left to the professionals. I say that not because I doubt anyone's individual capability, far from it. The technical proficiency of vapers never cease to amaze. Rather it is simply a matter of having access to the proper resources. Homemade vape juice does not come out of a clean room where chemists have the equipment to constantly test to ensure quality control. If you have a lab, by all means go for it! If you don’t, buy our vape juice. It is made by PhDs who are passionate vapers themselves. And we sell it cheap. Win - win. If not us, then Humble or Sauce LA. Don’t worry about how to make homemade e-juice. When you can get professionally made juice in 120 ml bottles for less than $20, just enjoy the vaping!

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