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How to avoid Vape Coil GUNK

How to avoid Vape Coil GUNK

You might have experienced coil gunk if you are using a traditional or sub-ohm vape. This substance can be very annoying can ruin your day. Besides, it can make you run at a loss as it can rack up vape coil cost. But a common question people ask is, “how can we avoid vape coil gunk?” The truth is that you may not be able to prevent it, but you can reduce its presence and make your coil last longer. Read on to learn more about how to avoid vape coil gunk!

What does Vape Coil Gunk mean?

Coil gunk comprises of many things. It can be the accumulation of unvaped e-juice left behind after your daily use. 

But other things determine the cause and frequency of coil gunk.  

More so, it is super easy to spot coil gunk. Yeah, it is a black, sticky, tar-like substance that accumulates around your coil, leaving you with no option than to replace them. 

There are different measures to adjust coil gunk. You might need to make some adjustments, and once you notice the difference that some adjustments make, you can make the change.

What are the causes of coil gunk?

Before deciding on the best measures to prevent vape coil gunk, you need to understand why it happens. Several factors can cause coil gunk, including:

  • VG Ejuices: You are likely to have at least a bottle of high CG- e-liquid if you are a cloud chaser with a decent sub-ohm device. But the massive clouds produced by VG can destroy your coil and cause coil gunk. Although your coil has to work extra hard to absorb the juice, most times, the VG left behind burns and build up into gunk.
  • Sweet, Dark E-juice: Many ingredients are used for e-liquids, and some may not be friendly to your coils. If you use a dark e-liquid (meaning it contains some sweetener), it may not vaporize well, and this can cause the crystallized e-juice sweetener to clogs the rest of your gunk, killing your coil and ruining the flavor. 

How to avoid Vape Coil gunk

Now that you know the causes of coil gunk, you can try to avoid it altogether. But note that not all these measures will be right for you, but it’s okay to try out one of the following steps:

Eliminate sweetener

Most e-juices available today contain some form of sweetener. But to avoid vape coil gunk, it is better to opt for something bright instead of dark e-juices.

Take note of certain flavors like pastries or coffee- these are particularly notorious. But feel free to expand your palette and leave out those sweet e-juices that can be coil-killer.

Use less VG

Anything 70VG and more is considered “Max VG”. But to protect your coil, ensure you choose an e-liquid with 60VG or less. You will find many manufacturers offering 60VG as their default, but some will give you the chance to select the VG/PG level that you prefer to save your coil.

Change your vaping practices

You can avoid vape coil gunk by making some adjustments. You can change your technique, frequency, and even settings. The right way is to try shorter sharper drags instead of long draws.

Final Remark

You can experience a vape coil gunk if you don’t pay attention to some damaging factors like sweeteners and VG. But luckily for you, you can avoid vape coil gunk using the measures highlighted above.

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