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Lost Vape Orion Review The First DNA Pod Mod

The compact convenience of a pod mod controlled by the precision of an EVOLV DNA chip. That is now reality. Our Lost Vape Orion review will cover the details of this new device. And, we also have a recommendation for the best vape juice to use with this new pod style vape. You can probably guess what it will be!

Before we get into the Orion review, we have to say a word about the difference an EVOLV DNA chip makes when vaping. While it is true that most of the devices today have excellent chips and processors, including pod mods, the DNA chip is the best. The efficiency and accuracy is incredible. The latest version of the DNA chip operates at 97% efficiency. What does that efficiency mean for you? In my estimation, it means two terrific things.

  • Maximum battery life
  • Longer lasting coils

There are other advantages to a DNA such as a very consistent vaping experience and fast battery charging. But the maximum battery life and long lasting coils are the two that I notice most when using a DNA device. To have this technology in a pod mod is something that I believe is going to be very popular with vapers. Before we go to much further, a quick word about pod mods.

Pod Mods

What is a pod mod? In a nutshell, a pod mod is an all in one vape device that uses replaceable pods as opposed to a vape tank. The other characteristic of a pod mod is the small, compact size. Pod vapes are designed to be ultra portable and convenient. Pods can be either disposable or refillable.

A refillable pod might last for three or four refills depending on the quality and the wattage used to vape. In any case, the pod itself is inserted into the bod of the device. That is part of the idea of making it compact and easy to handle. In addition, pod style vapes are designed to be very easy to use. These are plug and play devices that do not require the user to adjust the power settings.

The Orion does offer the ability to choose between three different settings if the user wishes, but it will also automatically detect the atomizer and resistance and choose an appropriate power setting to match. So the Lost Vape Orion is a very smart pod mod!

Lost Vape Orion Review

lost vape orion review this is the first dna pod mod that comes in 8 colors

The Orion comes in eight different colors. That includes solid colors as well as four multi-color pattern finishes. You can see the colors in the image above. I think the multi color finishes are especially attractive but everyone will have a different idea of what color they think is best. That's about all I have to say about the looks! Sorry, I'm boring like that. Anyway, let's start our Lost Vape Orion review with the cold, hard specs:

  • The Orion is 93 mm tall, about 4.5 inches
  • It is 37 mm wide, or an inch and a half
  • Finally, it is only 13.5 mm, .5 of an inch, that is razor thin
  • The device is capable of up to 40 watts
  • Stainless steel body construction
  • Comes with internal 950 mah LiPo (lithium polymer) battery
  • The Orion pod mod weighs in at 87 grams

The Orion is very well made. A pod lock feature holds the pods firmly in place. To eject the pod, flip the button up and the pod will pop right out. You do not have to remove the pod to refill with fresh vape juice. Each pod has a cap that the user can open to add 2 ml of vape juice.

Using The Orion

Using the Orion is very easy. The DNA Go chip will detect the atomizer resistance and dial in a medium power setting. There are a total of three power settings that you can set by pushing the adjustment button once. Each setting is indicated by the led light.

  • White light indicates the lowest power setting. For a milder vape.
  • The Blue light indicates the default medium setting. For a normal vape.
  • A red light indicates the highest power setting for a stronger vaping experience.

In addition to being able to choose from these power settings, the Orion also has a ramp up feature. The ramp up is called the "Boost" function because it makes the initial power output higher to give a better vape. The DNA Go chip has the Replay feature just like the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 250C. Here is how that works. If you have a particularly amazing vape, click the adjustment button three times and the Orion will repeat that exact puff every time. It's actually a very cool feature that you will actually use.

One more quick note for my Lost Vape Orion pod mod review. I just want to mention that this device recharges in about 45 minutes. It is 1 amp charging but so efficient that the quick recharge time is just awesome.

Customize The DNA Go Chip In The Orion

One of the beauties of the DNA chip is that the user can customize the vaping experience down to finite details. This is especially awesome with the advanced mods. Also, you can access the same custom aspects with the Orion. As part of my Lost Vape Orion review I am just going to say that while DNA updates are great, I don’t think you need to worry about the custom features.

To access the features, the user would download Escribe from EVOLV and connect the device to their computer. Once in the system, there are a whole host of features you can play with. Learn about how to use Escribe here. For the purposes of using a DNA pod mod, you can fully enjoy the quality of the vaping without going into Escribe. Again, in my opinion the main benefits of the DNA pod mod are the efficiency, vaping quality, and longevity. You will enjoy all of those benefits in spades without having to get complicated!

Orion Pods

Orion pods have a 2 ml e-juice capacity. Pods snap and lock securely in place. A button on the side of the device releases the pods when they need to be replaced. Each pod has a top-fill port so the pod does not have to be removed in order to be refilled. There are two different Orion pods.

  • 0.25 ohm pod
  • 0.5 ohm pod

The 0.25 ohm pod is the choice for more vapor production. And the 0.5 ohm pod is the choice for more flavor. Both pods can be used for either direct lung or mouth to lung vaping styles. I believe DL is the best way to vape the Orion.

Is Orion Like Juul?

With JUUL, each JUUl pod has 0.7 ml of e-liquid. Once you vape the 0.7 ml, it's done. With Orion pods, you can refill the 2 ml capacity pod multiple times. That is going to save a lot of money in the long run. And I will make a bold statement that I believe that any pod that is powered by a DNA is going to outlast and outperform other pods.

I want to make clear in the Lost Vape Orion review that this device is not like JUUL. The Orion uses sub ohm vaping atomizer resistances and VG e-liquids. Also, the Orion is much larger with a bigger battery.

Best Vape Juice for the Orion Pod Vape

The best vape juice for the Orion Mod is Freeman Vape Juice! For starters, we are always offering unique flavors and great deals! Seriously, we are the best cheap 120 ml vape juice. Our 80/20 e-liquid is a perfect match for the Orion. Get the best in both vapor and flavor.

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