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Smoant Battlestar Squonker Review

We have been looking for a squonker! We may have found it. The Smoant Battlestar Sqonk mod review will take a look at a 200 watt vape mod that is poised to be very popular among vapers. Smoant mods have all been very popular so far so the Battlestar squonker no doubt has a bright future.

Right off the bat we like the fact that this is a dual 18650 squonker capable of 200 watts. Most squonk mods only utilize the typical mod body which means that there is only room for one battery. Well Smoant has widened out the body to make room for two 18650s and a squonk squeeze bottle. We are off to a good start because many of us have been wanting a squonker with more power and capacity.

Listen, we already know Freeman makes the best vape juice for squonking! So we got that squared away. So the next question we need to touch on briefly is what is squonking?

What Is Squonking?

Squonking is a style of vaping using a squonk mod. Clear as mud? Okay, here's more! A squonk mod is a vape device that houses a battery and a squeezable e-liquid bottle. Squonking uses what is called a bottom feeding RDA. That is an RDA with a hollow 510 pin. The pin is hollow because it allows e-liquid to be pumped up into the RDA from the squonk bottle.

Squonking is for vaper who build their own coils. There are no squonk devices that use pre-built coils at this time. The kit comes with the Smoant Battlestar RDA which includes both a hollow 510 center pin and a solid pin. The solid pin is for using the RDA on a regular mod.

Smoant Battelstar Squonk Kit Review

The Smoant Battlestar Squonk kit review starts with the basics. Let's look at the specs:

  • Dual 18650 Battlestar Squonk Mod
  • Bottom Feeding Battlestar RDA
  • 87.5 mm tall by 44 mm wide by 40 mm thick
  • Mod is a zinc alloy construction
  • RDA is made of stainless steel
  • Ovular, ergonomic design
  • Fires from 1 watt up to 200 watts
  • 95% conversion rate
  • 0.96 inch OLED screen

I will have more on the Smoant Battlestar review in the next day. I am going to do some testing before revealing more.

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