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Smok Mico Review | Freeman Vape juice

Smok Mico Review

We have got a new vape pod system to look at. The Smok Mico review will cover this new device that is the first pod system to use mesh coils. Unlike other pod mods like JUUL, the Mico is short and square. At 56 mm tall and 46 mm wide, the Mico has a 700 mAh battery which is excellent for all day vaping.

The Smok Mico review is actually a preview at this point. We will update this article once we get one to fully test it out. We did want to bring it to your attention now because we see potential. Especially since we were impressed when we did the Smok Species vape mod review. We felt that it was the best Smok device in a while. That gave us encouragement that Smoktech is upping their game. As a result, there is a good chance that the Mico will be a terrific vape.

The other reason we are doing an early Smok Mico review is because of the mesh coils. This is the first time we have seen mesh coils in a pod mod and we think that it is a great idea. We are looking forward to trying it out!

The Mico, like other pod vapes, work best with nicotine salt vape juice. Make sure you check out the latest Freeman Vape Juice nicotine salt liquids here.

Smok Mico Review

smok mico review the first pod system with mesh coils

Although we can't say much yet about how this pod vapes, we can give you some info for the Smok Mico review. The device is constructed of zinc alloy. The Mico is 56 mm tall, 46 mm wide, and 14 mm thick. This is very compact, portable, and made for convenience. The pods are refillable and have a 1.7 ml vape juice capacity.

The Mico has a 700 mAh internal battery. If you compare a 700 mAh battery capacity to other pod devices, the Mico is near the top. For such a small device to have so much battery is an excellent development. A lot of pods only have 250 mAh to 350 mAh and often that is not enough for a full day of vaping. Plus, the Mico weighs only 65 grams, which is not much more than a candy bar.

There is an off and on switch on the side of the device. But there is no fire button because the Mico activates automatically when the user takes a puff. The pods insert into the top of the device and a clear window allows the user to see the e-liquid level. Finally, the design is topped off by an attractive, colorful resin exterior.

Smok Mico Specs

Last up in the Smok Mico review is the specs:

  • The Mico is 56 mm tall
  • 46 mm wide
  • 14 mm thick
  • Weight: 65 grams
  • 700 mAh battery
  • Smok Mico pods have a 1.7 ml capacity
  • Pods come in 1.0 ohm and a 0.8 ohm mesh coil
  • Output voltage is 3 V to 4 V
  • Output wattage is 10 watts to 26 watts
  • Constructed of zinc alloy

That's all we have for the Mico pod system review for now! While you are here, check out the latest vape juice flavors and special offers.


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